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Library Index

Reference Library The EU and Euro Zone countries;  information on the new Euro cross border currency.
Comprehensive list of countries, their capital cities and currencies. 

List divided into sections for ease of navigation 

A to B - C to F  - G to K -  L to N - O to S and T to Z.

  Bank/Public holidays 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  Notable dates 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020
  2020 - Seasons, BST/GMT and Moon Phases
  2019 - Seasons, BST/GMT and Moon Phases
  2018 - Seasons, BST/GMT and Moon Phases
  2017 - Seasons, BST/GMT and Moon Phases
  2016 - Seasons, BST/GMT and Moon Phases
  2015 - Seasons, BST/GMT and Moon Phases
  2014 - Seasons, BST/GMT and Moon Phases
Books of the Bible
States of the U.S.A., official and postal abbreviations.
The Chemical elements and their symbols - how many do you know?  Try this little test.
Roman numerals and their modern equivalent.
Correct terms for groups of animals etc.
  Fictitious collective names - make up your own collective noun for a group of people and/or animals etc. Here are some that have already been sent in...............

Aadvarks to Butterflies
Car mechanics to Dung beetles
Editors to Gunzels
Hair stylists to Lumberjacks
Magicians to Ornithologists
Painters to Rock climbers
Sailors to System administrators
Talk show hosts to Urbanites

Vampires to Zombies

  Poem featuring more fictitious collectives.
The correct terms for specialist collectors - how many do you know?   Test your knowledge.
List of wedding anniversaries, birthstones and appropriate presents.
  Genealogy - how to get started.
  Interesting facts about temperature and relevant conversions charts.
  Useful calculators for construction materials such as bricks, mortar, screed, cement etc.
  White Horse - Directory and Compendium by online vet Stephen Ashdown.
Hints and Tips Some tips on how to help prevent identity theft.
  How to scan photographs.
  Ways to remember those tricky words.
  More ways to help with those tricky words.
  Mnemonics to help with spelling
Mathematical nuggets and shortcuts of information.
Tips on how to make paper look old etc.
  Tips on how to make public speaking a little easier.
  How to deliver a speech - Do's and Don'ts
  Home Working - Hints and Tips
  How to avoid Home Working Scams.
  10 Green Tips - ways to save money and the planet.
  Tips to use before you search for a job.
Job tips, helpful hints of finding employment, changing jobs etc.
  Hints and tips on preparing for a job interview.
How to sell yourself at an interview.
  Online Universities Versus Campus Based Universities
  Things to remember before visiting a Funeral Directors to arrange a funeral.
Language and Words Language differences between Australian, American and British words.
  Differences between American and British Words
  A second page of words which are different in the U.K. and America.
  Another three pages of language differences (2 and 3)
  Two nations divided by a common language.
  Cockney Rhyming Slang - phrases and meanings.
  Cockney Rhyming Slang sorted by word.
  Examples of how cockney rhyming slang is used in sentences.
  A humorous slant on word definitions.
  Easily confused words and their true meanings.
  Words with unusual spellings in the plural form.
  The meaning of words and phrases from different languages now prevalent in everyday conversation.
  Pronunciation of Town, Village and Place names.

Beginning with letters A - K

Beginning with letters L - Z

  The correct word/terminology for body functions or various parts of the body.
General Important and useful information on free debt counselling, flueless fires, gas safe/corgi and what to do if you are arrested.
  History of Tuxedo and Black Tie
  UK Formal Wear Dress Code - Black Tie, White Tie, Dinner Jacket, Tuxedo - what to wear when and where.
  How to remember how Henry VIII got rid of each of his wives.
  How to remember the wives of Henry VIII and their demise:  the order of planets in our Solar system plus other visitor responses.
  Water Resistancy in watches explained.
  Genuine or Replica? 
5 things to look for when buying a Rolex.
  Laptop Buying Guide - Things to look out for when choosing a laptop computer.
  iPod Buying Guides - useful things to look out for when choosing an iPod.
  What is mobile broadband?
  Problem page - can you provide the answers?
  How to make some cheap and easy bookends, carry out book repairs etc.
  Life's Imponderables
  Passing Clouds - a poem by Dorothy Pienaar
  Fairtrade Cotton - what does this actually mean?
  UK coinage prior to decimalisation - including pictures.
Finance & Property Conveyancing tips applicable to England and Wales.
  Information on remortgaging when you have a bad credit rating.
  Differences between Repayment and Interest Only mortgages.
  Details and information on High Net Worth Insurance.
  Building insurance - vital when moving home.
  The difference between Buildings and Contents Insurance.
  An "almost" complete guide to UK home insurance.
  Five ways to save money on home insurance.
  How to compare credit cards.
  Things to do to help pay off mortgages faster.
Books Compare book prices before you buy.



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