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Garage Index

Hints and Tips

Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips
  Things you can do to help prevent losing your driving licence when facing a driving offence.
  How to protect and care for your car over the winter.
  How to defrost your car and tackle driving on icy roads
  What to look out for when buying a secondhand car.....
  How to decide whether to buy a new car or a used car.
General Garage tips
  More garage tips.

How to remedy common car problems such as frozen locks

What do in those transport Emergencies
  How to repair and maintain automatic garage doors.
  Travel tips.

Maintenance and Diagnosis

Car Bodywork maintenance.
Car noises, diagnosis and solutions.
Information on Tyres (Tires)
Questions and Answers to car maintenance or motoring problems.
How to Diagnose what is wrong with your car
Simple repairs and emergency repairs you can undertake on your vehicle
  Where to find the nearest car garage services.

Information and Advice

Choosing the correct car seat
  How to ensure your child's car seat safety.


Attributes of Roller Garage Doors.
  What to bear in mind before buying new garage doors.
  Find the lowest UK petrol price in your area - 10,016 petrol stations and 8,000 daily updates.
  Warning for drivers on the use of cruise control in bad weather conditions.
  What to look out for when buying a bicycle.
Basic Road Sense for Cyclists.
Car Braking (stopping) distances
Fuel conversions
  Miles per gallon calculator.
Car Know How - parts to use and their functions.
More Car Know How - batteries, spark plugs and oil
  U.K. Road Tax Rates - by specific vehicles.
  The use of cell phones at gas/petrol stations - hoax or reality?


Tips to get you cheaper car insurance.
  5 Important Tips for insuring your luxury sports car.


"Comprehensive" Motor Insurance explained.
  "Third Party" insurance explained.
  "Third Party, Fire & Theft" insurance explained.


Best products and designs for Paving, Driveways and Patios.





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