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Office Index

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, just what does an empty desk mean?




Important and useful information on free debt counselling, flueless fires, gas safe/corgi and what to do if you are arrested.
  All you need to know about Home and Mobile Broadband.
  What is mobile broadband?
  Euro Zone countries;  information on the new Euro cross border currency.
  UK coinage prior to decimalisation - including pictures.
Paper sizes in metric and imperial.
  Pencils - The forgotten Victorian gems - everything you need to know about antique silver pencils and dip pens and leads.
In readiness for when you make your first million, check out what big numbers actually mean in the U.K.
The Language of emails
  Shorthand and abbreviations used in texts and emails.

So here are just a few of the most common basic terms and their meanings.

More explanations of computer/printer terminology.

Some of the more common special characters and their names.
  Stock Photos explained.
  How to scan photos.
  Useful calculators for construction materials such as bricks, mortar, screed, cement etc.
  Fairtrade cotton explained.
Hints and Tips Top Ten tips for staying safe online
  Fake anti virus software warning.
  How to prevent spam and viruses when forwarding emails.
  Some tips on how to help prevent identity theft.
  6 ways to make your office greener.
  10 Green tips - ways to save money as well as the planet.
  Laptop Buying Guide - Features to look for when choosing a laptop.
  Laptop Security - ways to prevent your laptop and/or data being stolen.
  Home office setup - 3 steps to get you started.
  Tips for choosing a new computer desk.
  Hints and Tips for keeping a happy desk!
  Tips to use before you search for a job.
  Job Tips - Hints on how to find employment, change careers or manage your present job.
  Hints and tips on preparing for a job interview.
  How to sell yourself at an interview.
  Home Working - Hints and Tips.
  Home Office and Computer security - 6 easy steps
  Home Working Scams - those to avoid.
  Ecommerce opportunities for mothers and others.
  How to start a dog walking business and/or pet sitting business.
  Things to remember when using the internet.
  How to deliver a speech - Do's and Don'ts
  Tips on how to make public speaking a little easier.
  Tips on buying a business.
  Online Universities Versus Campus Based Universities
  General Home Security tips.

More security tips for business and homes.

  Things to remember before visiting a Funeral Directors to arrange a funeral.
How to ......... Tips on how to save energy and cut heating costs
  How to save energy costs by using air con effectively.
  keep tabs on your cash flow
  check bank statements.
  keep important household records and files.
  How to use Internet Explorer Browser.
  Genealogy - how to get started.
  Mathematical shortcuts - quick ways to check arithmetic and to find out where you have gone wrong
  Maths - ways to make things easier.
  Help with those tricky words.
  More ways to remember how to spell those confusing words.
  How to make an insurance claim - complete with draft letter.
Brain Teasers Special names given to those people who collect certain things - see how many you get right with this brain teaser
For a harder version, try here!
Mortgages      Information on remortgaging when you have a bad credit rating.
  Explanation of the differences between Repayment and Interest only mortgages.
  Things you can do to help pay off your mortgage faster.
Credit Cards How to compare credit cards.


Conveyancing tips applicable to England and Wales.
Insurance / Annuities How to compare annuity providers and maximise your retirement income.
  Five ways to save money on home insurance.
  Tips on how to get cheaper car insurance.
  Building Insurance - vital when moving home.
  Explanation of the difference between Buildings and Contents Insurance
  Details and information on High Net Worth Insurance.
  An "almost" complete guide to UK home insurance.
     Life Insurance - Money Saving Tips
  Do you need Critical Illness insurance or is it a waste of money?
  5 Important Tips for insuring your luxury sports car.
  "Comprehensive" Motor Insurance explained.
  "Third Party" insurance explained.
  "Third Party, Fire & Theft" insurance explained.
  Pet Insurance Pitfalls - what to look out for.







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