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  Ways to remember those tricky words


In the English language there are several words which are so similar it can be difficult to remember which one you use or even how to spell them.  Each person will, of course, experience problems with different words. 

Here are a few mnemonics, shortcuts and phrases I have come across, but I am sure you will have some of your own, so please let us know.  Send them into us at so we can add them to this page and help others -


Five Red Indians Eating Nuts Downstairs

Meggan & Justin Robertson

If you "fri" your friend he'll come to an "end".


Friends end in end.

Amante Darmanin

Friday is the end of the school week.                                                                       Luan Carter



A Negative Score Will Equal Relegation

..for those footie fans this should be an easy one to remember.

Shelagh Spurway


Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move


Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving                                                                     Amante Darmanin)




Amber Patupis-Retsas


Carry A Royal Rooster In A Gold Egg

JAMES and Tracey Glendinning-Smith


CH on the right  CH on the left  and (you are)  U R in the middle.

Amante Darmanin


Gary Eats Old Grey Rats And Paints House Yellow

Rhonda Courtney

or Amante Darmanin suggests

George Eliot's old grandmother rode a pig home yesterday.


Maxine Dorot has kindly shared the following tricks with us:-


People frequently spell "cemetery" with an 'a', in order to spell it correctly, simply remember that late at night all the ghosts come and and go "eeeeeeeee"!


Can't remember how many s's there are in the word "dessert" (pudding), well just think, when you eat dessert you always want "one more".

Darcy has sent in the following comments -

Remembering the difference on how to spell dessert and desert. One usually wants seconds of dessert so there are 2 s's. One usually wants less desert (I know I do, I live in one) so there is only one s.


In the U.S. (and sometimes in the U.K.) the headmaster is called the Principal.  To remind you that the ending of this word is 'p-a-l' and not 'p-l-e' remember he/she is your 'pal'. 

The word principle means a personal code of conduct or fundamental truth.



Dash In A Real Rush, Hurry Or Else Accident!


I have a feeling the children are going to remember this one although I appreciate it could be somewhat distasteful to some (sorry)

Doesn't It Always Really Run Horribly Over Each Ankle

Sarah Brown

Nikki Chaplin has sent in the following two tips used by her children -



To remind children that a Q is followed by the letter U - the Queen always carries an Umbrella.


Big Elephants Can Add Up Sums Easily

Nikki Chaplin


Big Elephants Can't Always Use Small Exits!

Caroline Noon


Big Elephants Cause Accidents Under Small Elephants

Gillian Jackson


Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants.

Amante Darmanin


Betty Eats Cake And Uncle Sells Eggs

Meggan & Justin Robertson


BEC Always Uses Silly Excuses



To distinguish between PRACTISE (verb) and PRACTICE (noun) think of ADVISE and ADVICE.   To ADVISE is the verb so PRACTISE is the verb.

Jordan Walters

To distinguish PRACTICE (noun) from PRACTISE (verb) and 

ADVICE (noun) from ADVISE (verb),

just remember that ICE is a noun and IS is a verb.

John Mihaljevic

PractiSe - verb, spelt with an s, S for sports.


PractICE - I went to the doctor’s practice and he put ice on my leg.

Ice is in practice.

Debbie Aicken


STATIONERY  meaning paper and Envelopes   

Mary Ihla

STATIONARY meaning "not moving"

This can be remembered if you think of "E" stands for Envelopes, therefore, Stationery with an "e" is paper etc. and a CAR not moving, therefore, the word meaning "still" ends in ARY.

StationAry - StAnd still

StationEry - PEns, PEncils


Other examples can be see here and here, if that is not enough you will find more on this page and several other pages on the site - why not check out the Library Index to see what else you can find!

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