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Living Room Index

Hints and Tips History of the Black Tie and Tuxedo
  Formal Dress Wear Code UK - Black Tie, White Tie, Tuxedo etc.
  Fashion Tips for Men
  Alison Cork's Top Tips on Bargain Hunting.
  10 Top Tips for Townies moving to the Country.
  Wedding Reception Ideas - How to organise a successful wedding.
  Wedding Entertainment - 5 good reasons to have a magician at your wedding.
  What you should bear in mind when choosing a Wedding Venue.
  A Guide for Brides - help when planning a wedding.
  How to wear a kilt - instructions on how to put a kilt on.
  Bridal Shower (hen party) games and suggestions.
  Planning a Civil Partnership ceremony.
Take care!  A reminder for winter safety.
  Home Office - how to keep it clutterfree.
  How to create a clutter free home.
  Hints and tips for an easier Christmas.
  Christmas decorating tips - 5 ideas for decorating your home at Christmas.
Hints and tips to make life more comfortable when camping.
  Tricks of the trade from Florists.
  A few tips to consider when sending flowers.
  How to care for shoes and remedies for shoe related problems
Tips on everday problems such as getting rid of cigarette smoke and pet hair
  Genuine or Replica? 
5 things to look for when buying a Rolex.
  Things you should know when buying a digital photo frame.
  How to select a great quality hair accessory.
Hints, tips and shortcuts on clothing care etc.
  Having switched energy supplier here are ten more unusual ways to save both money and energy.
  Tips on how to save energy and cut heating costs
Homemaking 5 Easy steps to help make your house into a home.
  Unusual uses for picture frames.
  How to make affordable art for your home.
  Guidelines for choosing the perfect curtain or drape fabric.
  Complete Guide to buying old/new furniture.
  How to choose the right sofa.
  How to care for lacquered and waxed finished wooden furniture.
  French Country Furniture - how to locate; French furniture and wood terms explained and translated.
  Tips on how to identify the age of an antique.
  Three different ways an armoire can be used in your home.
  Where to put your plasma tv screen.
  How to create a media room around a television.
  Practical Feng Shui - Decorating
  Ideas For Using A Fountain In Your Home Or Garden Décor
  A guide to buying bar stools.
  Buying a chandelier - tips to lighten your path.
  Different types of carpet fibres and piles.
  Rugs - Buying Guide - advice and information to help you when buying a new rug.
  How to choose the right rug.
  What to look out for when buying an Area Rug.
  Rugs - useful information from the professionals, covering all the most frequently asked questions.
  Area Rugs - Decorating Hints and Tips
  Caring for your Area Rug
  More information on how clean and maintain rugs of all types.
  Slipcover tips - how to choose and care for furniture slip covers.
  Detailed instructions on making your own slipcovers including planning, measuring, fabric and tools as well as make-up procedures.

Stage 1 - Planning, measuring, material and tools

Stage 2 - Making your slip covers.

  How to choose a mattress.
  Mattress Buying tips.
  How to clean window and conservatory blinds.
  Help in choosing the right blinds.
  How to dress a window with a sloping top.
Entertaining Tips on throwing a Halloween party for adults.
  Wine - general information on buying, storing, hints, tips.
  Glossary of wine terms, listed alphabetically -

Terms - A
Terms - B
Terms - C
Terms - DEF
Terms - GHI
Terms - JKLM
Terms - NOP

  How to host your first dinner party.
  Ideas for table centerpieces / centrepieces.
  How to have a successful formal dinner party, including place settings, decorations etc.
  General Advice on making a successful cocktail

Cocktail recipes:-

  BRANDY based cocktails
  GIN based drinks - A-B, C-F, G-N, O-R, S-Z
  Non Alcoholic Cocktails
  Home Ice Makers - the advantages over fridge and freezer ice compartments.
General Information What is a color wheel/colour wheel and how it should be used?
  A guide to the different types of stair lift.
  Types of leather finishes.
  How to find the right leather cleaner.
  How to protect leather furniture during winter.
  What are your shopping rights?
  Euro Zone countries;  information on the new Euro cross border currency.
  Temperature conversion charts Celsius/Centigrade/Fahrenheit.
  Explanation of Water Resistancy in watches. 
  UK coinage prior to decimalisation - including pictures.
  Simple firework safety.
  Safety First - things to do to avoid accidents in the home.
  Seasonal Crime - Warnings and Tips.
  Wedding Anniversaries - can't remember whether an anniversary is your wooden or golden, try this handy poem (extra years have now been included - you may be able to add a few more)
  Genealogy - how to get started.
  Christmas trees - Real or Artificial - Pros and Cons
Property/Insurance How to choose a suitable removal company when moving house.
  Packing Tips - a guide to making life easier when moving into a new home.
  How to pack house plants and plants when moving house.
  Things you should know when putting your possessions into storage.
  Details and information on High Net Worth Insurance.
  An "almost" complete guide to UK home insurance.
  Home security - basic precautions to prevent the opportunist burglar.
  Home Security - Windows, doors, garden.
  Home Security Systems - alarms, exterior lighting.
  Home Security Tips - how to beat the burglar
  More home security tips.
  Is you home safe?

Fire prevention information as recommended by National Community Fire Safety Centre.

General Information & Advice Crafty scams and cons to avoid
  More scams and cons warnings.
  Look after your pin numbers.
  Watch out for these hoax scams
  Handy ways of organising your life that little bit better and keeping important records.
  Some tips on how to help prevent identity theft.
  Advice on how to negotiate home improvements contracts prior to work commencing.
  How to dispose of an old vacuum cleaner.
Lifestyle Life after a stroke.
  Hints and Tips to make life easier for the elderly, infirm and less able.
  How meditation can help relieve anxiety and stress.
  Memories - a compelling tale of life in war torn Britain.
  An uplifting look at cleaning your oven.
  How rooms can reflect personality, take a chance and keep young at heart.
  How natural light can affect home decor.
  Tips to use before you search for a job.
  Job Tips - Tips on how to find employment, change career or manage your present job.
  How to sell yourself at an interview.
  Ecommerce opportunities for mothers and others.
  Facts about Smoking
  Some thought provoking facts about smoking.
  Things to remember before visiting a Funeral Directors to arrange a funeral.
General Circle of Friends - a place to share experiences, expertise, hints and tips.
  "Problem Page"  -  Can you help provide the answers?
Travel Backpacking - 5 useful tips
  10 Girly Holiday Tips
  Advice and tips when renting a holiday house, cottage or apartment.
  Travel tips - how to ease jet lag, what you should be aware of when travelling abroad etc.
Advice on Holidaying abroad and packing
  Information and advice on dog friendly holidays.
  How to make life more comfortable when camping.





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