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  Top tips on how to save money when buying groceries.
  How to encourage children to eat and enjoy a healthy diet.
  Unusual uses for citrus rind / peel.
  How to cook a great steak on the BBQ/barbecue.
  How to temper chocolate.
  How to make chocolate leaves.
  Food related tips
  How to select and cook fish.
Christmas tips on buying and cooking a turkey etc.
How to make food go further.
  Economic shopping - how to save money when shopping
Useful ideas on how to save time or make something special.
Remedies for mishaps
Substitute ingredients
Tips from Chef Rick
Wine - general information on buying, storing, hints, tips.
  More food tips.
  New miscellaneous tips.
  General tips.
  More useful tips.
  Hints and Tips with a cleaning bias.,
  Additional hints on cleaning.
  How to make a cast iron skillet last a lifetime.
  How to clean an oven.
  How to deep clean an Aga or other range cooker
  How to maximise space under your kitchen sink.
  How to care for your cookware.
  How to maintain and season a Dutch oven
  How to sharpen knife skills in the kitchen.
  Essential bakeware for a well stocked kitchen.
  Essential kitchen tools for the new cook to get started.
  Tips for Aga cooker owners.
  How to choose the right boiler for your home.
  Ways to save water.
  How to save heating costs in the home.
  Hints and Tips on installing underfloor heating.
  5 useful tips on how to find kitchen contractors at bargain prices.
  How to select kitchen contractors for remodelling projects.
  Five easy ways to give your kitchen designer WOW!
  Kitchen design - what you should bear in mind when choosing a new kitchen.
  How to utilise the Work Triangle within Kitchen Design
  Pink Kitchens - Try fashionable pink accessories to update your kitchen (and help breast cancer charities as well).
  How to adjust kitchen cupboard / cabinet door hinges.
  How to decorate a kitchen for a man.

Kitchen Nightmares – how to avoid them - What to look for and what to avoid when buying a new kitchen

  Contact details for kitchen planners in your area.
  French Country Furniture - how to locate; French furniture and wood terms explained and translated.

Kitchen Buyers Beware! - Tricks of the trade used by Kitchen Sellers.

Trick 1 - Who owns the cheque book?

Trick 2 - Adjusting the mark-up.

Trick 3 - The Kitchen Sale

Trick 4 - The Free Appliance Offer

Trick 5 - Selling Up.

Trick 6 - Pressure Selling.


How to find the right refrigerator for your needs.

  Choosing a cooktop or hob and the recommended cookware for each type.
  Information and advice on how to choose the best toaster oven for your home.
  Essential research before buying a kitchen.
  Which worktop - Corian, Quartz, Stainless Steel or Granite?
  All about coffee machines and types of coffee.
  How to choose the right frying pan.
  Different types of juicers and how to choose the best one for you. 
  Inspirational ideas on how to use concrete in your home.
  Choosing the right sink installation for your kitchen.
  How to use concrete in a traditional kitchen.
  Home Ice Makers - the advantages over fridge and freezer ice compartments.
  Detailed instructions on how to descale a Magimix.
  Oven temperatures - conversion chart for Fahrenheit, Celsius, Gas Mark together with description for each setting.
  Baking tin sizes, conversions between Imperial and American metric etc.
Basic Cookery terms:-

Al Dente to Breadcrumb
Caramelise to Dry Fry
Emulsify to Grill
Knead to Roux
Saute to Zest

Conversion tables for liquid, metric and handy measures or how to improvise.
Handy kitchen weight conversions by commodity, Imperial, Metric and American.
  Different types of tea.
Glossary of wine terms, listed alphabetically -

Terms - A
Terms - B
Terms - C
Terms - DEF
Terms - GHI
Terms - JKLM
Terms - NOP

How to have a successful formal dinner party, including place settings, decorations etc.
  How to host your first dinner party.
  Etiquette to remember when eating in a Japanese home or restaurant.
  Sushi terms explained.
General Advice on making a successful cocktail

Cocktail recipes:-

BRANDY based cocktails
GIN based drinks - A-B, C-F, G-N, O-R, S-Z
Non Alcoholic Cocktails
COOKING/RECIPES Recipes for special cupcakes using unusual ingredients and flavours.
  Tortano bread recipe and variations.
  How to grow, store and use Rosemary
  Recipe for Persian Apricot Chicken
  Quince Cheese Recipe
  Recipe for Pumpkin Marmalade.
  Baked Halibut recipe.
  How to make ice cream without an ice cream maker.
  Ice Cream recipes
  Recipes for jams, conserves, marmalades and jellies.
  How to cook perfect eggs and others.
Savoury mince (ground meat)
Cookery corner - recipe exchange
Herbs and Spices
  Japanese food recipes.
  Recipe for Pizzaiola & Kawakawa Salsa.
Recipes from Chef Rick
  A selection of "Magimix" Christmas recipes 
  Festive recipes
  More quick and simple Christmas recipes plus much, much more.
SAFETY FIRST & EMERGENCIES Common plumbing disasters and how to handle them.
  Four kitchen safety tips
  Kitchen safety tips.
  Safety first in the kitchen
  How to design a kitchen with safety in mind.
Is you home safe?

Fire prevention information as recommended by National Community Fire Safety Centre.

OTHERS Uses for vinegar
An uplifting look at cleaning your oven.
  Information and advice on outdoor kitchens.
  8 simple steps to a DIY outdoor kitchen.

Hand and Power Tools needed by people undertaking DIY.





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