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Games Room Index

Game cheats Tired of failing at that PC game - cheat
Sports/Games A beginner's guide to skateboarding - hints and tips.
  Skateboarding tricks - how to ollie.
  9 Ball Pool - History and Object of 9 ball pool as well as instruction on how to play.
  Trick Shots - instructions on how to perform 9 ball pool trick shots with access to videos.
  How to set up a dart board.
  Rules and terms of Football
  Rules of small sided football i.e. 5 aside, 6 aside and 7 aside football
Rules and terms of Cricket
Tips which may help improve your golf.
Games to make and Play Bridal Shower games that will have then rollin'
  Find out how to make and play a rabbit and fox board game
Numbers can be fun (honest) - amaze your friends with these simple games.
Suggestions for Other games to play (indoor and outdoor) and variations.
Why not have a go at guessing the correct names for collectors of different items?
  An impressive collection of FREE online jigsaw puzzles.
  If Puzzles and Riddles are your thing this site is worth checking out.
General How to create a media room around a television.
  A Guide to Back Packs
  Backpacking - 5 useful tips
  Games Console Guide - Hints and Tips on what to look out for when buying a games console.
  Polarised Fishing Glasses
  Page of Life's Imponderables - can you add more?
  Another page of Imponderables.
  More of life's imponderables.
  A fourth page of life's imponderables and item that give food for thought.
  Not really a game but it is fun -

Fictitious collective names - make up your own collective noun for a group of people and/or animals etc. Here are some that have already been sent in...............

Aadvarks to Butterflies
Car mechanics to Dung beetles
Editors to Gunzels
Hair stylists to Lumberjacks
Magicians to Ornithologists
Painters to Rock climbers
Sailors to System administrators
Talk show hosts to Urbanites
Vampires to Zombies

  Buyers' Guide to Artificial Grass
  Artificial Grass - Hints and Tips on usage and lesser known facts.
Crossword  Play Crossword Puzzles
Solitaire Games 

Play dozens of Solitaire Games, Klondike, Spider Solitaire and Freecell. Save your statistics, share with friends and test your Solitaire skills.


 I know I have not covered much here, any suggestions you may have, of information you can share contact us on june@hintsandthing.co.uk.



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