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Bathroom Index

HINTS AND TIPS Perfumes for every occasion - descriptions of all the different types of perfumes.
  Hints and Tips to make life easier for the elderly, infirm and less able.
  More useful tips for the disabled, sick and elderly.
  How meditation can help relieve anxiety and stress.
  10 tips on how to get a good nights sleep.
  Mens' Grooming Tips
  Make-up tips 
  Which cream or cleanser should you use?
  Choosing and applying foundation.
  Beauty tips
  Thrift tips and how to find lost contact lenses.
  Hair removal safety tips for young and old.
  Exercising Hints  Ways to exercise around the house  without the need for any expensive equipment
  How your mind can help you slim.


Expert advice on hair treatment
  How to keep children happy at the hairdressing salon.
  Ten tips for Home Manicures


Natural remedies.
  Ways to help reduce the risk of diabetes.
HEALTH & BEAUTY Cheap alternatives to cosmetics using everyday items.
  Six golden rules to keep coloured hair looking good.
  Hair   How to keep your hair looking good using ingredients found in your kitchen.
  How to remove head lice easily and painlessly, with or without the use of chemicals.

Extra information on eradicating headlice.

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Additional information on head lice and treatments.

  Head Lice - the common sense approach.
  First aid Handy hints for common emergencies such as stings.
  Remedies for other common problems
  Keep those wrinkles away with this 10-minute skin care routine.
  How to "burn fat"
  Exercises you can do at home
  Different types of juicers and how to choose the best one for you. 
INFORMATION & ADVICE Health benefits of drinking water.
  A guide to the different types of stairlift.
  Advice on purchasing a stairlift.
  How to choose the right air-purifier for your home.
  Information and advice on the use of Contact lenses by children.
  What is the difference between hard and soft contact lenses?
  Weight conversion tables - ever need  to convert your weight into Lbs or Kgs, well here is a convenient table to help.
  How to recognise a stroke.
  How to clean a breast pump.
  Guidelines for choosing spectacles.
  Polarised Fishing Glasses.
  How to select a great quality hair accessory.
  Fake Tan - everything you need to know.
  Unusual uses for ordinary items found in and around the bathroom including vinegar!
  Acne and Skin Care
  Information on aromatherapy.
  Use aromatherapy massage for a soothing rubdown.
  Aromatherapy Diffusers explained.
  Facts about Smoking
  Some thought provoking facts about smoking.
  How fish and colour can help relieve anxiety and stress.
  Soil conditioners such as Vermiculite, may pose asbestos hazard.


HOW TO ...... How to paint bathroom cabinets.
  How to replace a shower head.
  Detailed instructions on how to tile your bathroom like a professional.
  How to choose and install the right shower enclosure for your bathroom.
  More information on how to install a shower stall/cubicle.
  Tips on fitting a bathroom cabinet.
  How to save heating costs in the home.
  How to choose the right boiler for your home.
  How to maintain a Hot Tub
  How to install a bathroom vanity.
INFORMATION Hot Tub Maintenance
  Hot tub care - recommended hot tub maintenance routine.
  Common plumbing disasters and how to handle them.
  A guide to bathroom lighting.
  Bathroom remodeling / remodelling techniques.
  Bathroom renovation - what to consider.
  Tips for small bathrooms.
  5 Inexpensive Bathroom makeover ideas.
  Bathroom design ideas - How to make over your bathroom on a budget.
  Fantasy Bathroom Design
  Shabby Chic bathroom design.
  Traditional bathroom design
  Country bathroom design
  Safety First in the Bathroom
  Ways to save water.
  Hot tub and Chemical safety tips.
  Hints and Tips on installing underfloor heating.


Everything you need to know about bathroom rugs.
  Useful calculators for construction materials such as bricks, mortar, screed, cement etc.

Hand and Power Tools needed by people undertaking DIY.


GENERAL Designing your bedroom for a better sleep.
  Kids Bath Time Rhyme Make childrens' bath times more enjoyable with these handy rhymes.
  Life after a stroke




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