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One of the main reasons I decided to develop this web
site, was the lack of basic knowledge available on a multitude of subjects.  Once a
certain amount of knowledge has been acquired on any subject it is easy to forget what it
is like to be a complete novice. 

This applies to everything from gardening, woodwork,
cookery, computers etc. etc. etc.  This was highlighted when my daughter,
having just left home,  asked
me what “simmering” meant – a term an experienced cook takes for granted.  This
from a highly intelligent young lady who has two First degrees and is now a

I then experienced the same thing when speaking to a computer software
help desk, having
just upgraded from DOS to Windows (yes I am that old)  – “Click on File” the young man said  
–  Do what? Where?

This was where the germ of an idea began, however, once
I got started there were more and more things I wanted to include and I
have, therefore, somewhat diversified from my original idea.  The
ethos of the site remains, however, which is to provide clear, concise,
practical information and advice suitable for everyone irrespective of age
or gender.

We are always looking for comments, feedback and help!

If you have any questions, suggestions, criticisms or anything you would like
to share with us please send us a message.

We are very happy for you to send us any tips you may have and will
credit you on the page if we use them.