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Kennel Index

Information/Fun Collective nouns for...  - Exactly what is a group of geese or a collection of apes called?  Don't know - well find out here!
  Fictitious collective names - make up your own collective noun for a group of people and/or animals etc. Here are some that have already been sent in...............

Aadvarks to Butterflies
Car mechanics to Dung beetles
Editors to Gunzels
Hair stylists to Lumberjacks
Magicians to Ornithologists
Painters to Rock climbers
Sailors to System administrators
Talk show hosts to Urbanites

Vampires to Zombies

  Poem featuring more fictitious collectives.
Hints and Tips Exotic Pets -  tips on how to care for exotic pets.
  Tips on how to take good photos of your dog and what makes a good dog model.
  How to vacuum groom your pet without trauma.
  Teaching children how to appreciate garden wildlife.
  How to keep cats off gardens, lawns etc.
General animal related hints and tips
Hints for cat lovers.
  Carla's Cat Tips
Hints, tips and shortcuts for dog owners.
Tips for dog lovers from other dog lovers.
  Animal Security - precautions you can take.
Hints, tips and advice for those interested in keeping fish.
Useful advice, hints and tips,  including how to stop other peoples dogs wetting on lawns.
Common British Pests and getting rid of the little blighters!
  Ways to save water.
  Buyers' Guide to Artificial Grass
  Artificial Grass - Hints and Tips on usage and lesser known facts.
Information and Advice Pet Insurance Pitfalls - what to look out for when taking out pet insurance.
  How to start a dog walking business and/or pet sitting business.
  How to find the best pet sitter.
  How to fit a dog collar correctly.
  Information and advice on dog friendly holidays.
  Horse Flies and Biting Insects - 10 tips on keeping your horse fly free and comfortable.
  5 Tips on Management & Prevention of Sweet Itch, Queensland Itch, or Summer Dermatitis
  Moody Mares - 8 tips on understanding and dealing with hormonal mares.
  Lameness in horses - where damage occurs and how to fix it.
  Horse Colic - free advice from an online vet covering symptoms, causes and prevention.
  More free advice from an online vet on dealing with Mud Fever - A Winter Hazard for horses.
  Horse Breeding/Horse Mating - how to make sure you get it right.

Skin condition in horses - winter skin care

  Herbs for Horses - advice from online vet Stephen Ashdown.
  Herbal World of the Horse - What works for what?
  Stress in Horses.
  Veterinary Advice - Horses
  How to get rid of fleas from pets and homes.
  Keeping different types of animals as pets in the home.
  What should you consider when choosing a suitable pet:-


  How to look after your hamster.
  Keeping herpetiles (herps) as pets.
  How to move your pond fish safely when moving house.
  How fish and colour can help relieve anxiety and stress.
  Things to consider when installing a garden pond.
How to stock and maintain a garden pond.
  Planting for garden ponds - what is suitable and where should it be placed?
  Five tips to a bird friendly garden.
Simple firework safety.
What to do for pet injuries.
General How to build a simple dog kennel.
A page giving answers to various queries received from site visitors.
  White Horse - Directory and Compendium by online vet Stephen Ashdown.
A heart warming story about a horse.
Cheap prescription glasses for fishermen.





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