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amconfus.wmf (1494 bytes)        Names for Collectors

and a quiz to see how many you know

Collecting is popular hobby (or in some cases obsession or addiction).  Many people collect a variety of different things, the most popular of which are then given names but most of these are not recognised or authenticated by official sources as can be seen here.

Some of the terms for these collectors are quite well used and, therefore, widely known, however, others are more obscure.

How many do you think you know?  Test your knowledge with this fun page -

What do you call a collector of:-

1:  Beermats?                                                                         

2:  Cigarette cards?                                                              

3:  Butterflies and moths?                                                     

4:  Postage stamps?                                                             

5:  Teddybears?                                                                    

6:   Porcelain                                                                          

7:   Banknotes?                                                                      

8:   Shells?                                                                             

9:   Books?                                                                            

10:  Matches, match boxes or match books?                        

11:  Works of art or curios?                                                    

12:   Records (i.e. Music)?                                                      

13:  Book Illustrations/engravings?                                        

14:   Birds' eggs?                                                                  

15:   Proverbs?                                                                     

16:   Keyrings?                                                                      

17:   Bookplates?                                                                  

18:   Postcards                                                                     

19:   Coins?                                                                           

20:    Moneyboxes? *                                                            

* Kindly sent in by Rod Weir.

The following very comprehensive list has been supplied by Bill Turnbull with individual additions from other contributors.

Ambulist Walking sticks
Brolliologist Umbrellas
Cagophilist Keys
Cartomaniac Maps
Cochlearist Spoons                                                                               Andre Mirley
Comiconomenclaturist Funny names such as Shanda Lear, Iris Chew, Nora Bone etc
Conchologist Shells
Cumyxaphilist Match boxes
Digitabulist Thimbles
Discophilist Gramophone records
Errinophilist Collecting all kinds of stamps except postage stamps
Fromologist Cheese labels
Fusilatelist Phone cards
Gnomologist Sayings, maxims
Grabatologist Ties
Helixophilist Corkscrews
Infulaphilist Cigar bands
Labeorphilist Beer bottles
Labologists Beer bottle labels
Logogriphist Cruciverbalist Crossword puzzles
Memomagnetist Fridge Magnets                                                                      Dan Bollinger
Notaphilist Banknotes and cheques
Numismatist Medals and coins
Oologist Bird's eggs
Palaeontologist Fossils
Pernalogist Pearls
Philographist Autographs
Plangonologist Dolls
Pucillovist Egg cups
Walking Sticks

Daniel Tracey contributed this very interesting term and was kind enough to provide some additional information -

From the Greek "rhabdos" rod. The Concise English Dictionary (Hayward and Sparkes)gives "rhabdoid,rhabdoidal" rod like and "rhabdology" .


Rhykenologist Planes (wood working tool)                                             Jim Jakosh
Scripophilist Bonds and Share certificates
Scutelliphilist Badges and patches
Sphragistiphist Seals and signet rings
Sucrologist Sugar packets
Toxophilist Bows and arrows

Steve Philpott

Although I could find one reference confirming this, I also found several others which seemed to indicate that a 'toxophilist' is, in fact, someone who is a devotee of archery.

Vecturist Transport tokens
Velologist Car Tax Discs
Vexillologist Flags
Gricer Train spotter
Pharologist Light Houses

Susan Spicer-McGarry comments as follows:-

I am an passionate collector of sea glass and beach found pottery shards, and I maintain friendships with other collectors with the same passion all over the world. As collectors of sea glass and beach found pottery shards we lack a proper “ology”. After a little research, I thought these worked well. 

Vitrumarisology – collector of sea glass.

(Vitrum – Latin for glass; Maris – Latin for sea translates to glass - sea) 


 Marisvitrumology (translates to sea – glass)?

Fractatestaology – Collector of pottery shards found on the beach

(Fracta – Latin for broken; testa – Latin for pot)



The Latin translation of militiludibriology (mil·i·til·u·di·bri·ol·o·gy) or the study of toy soldiers is the creation of Richard H. Carson, a doctoral student of organizational psychology at Washington State University and webmaster of http://www.carsoncollection.org/  

The Latin for toy soldiers is militi ludibrio. The pronounciation of the study is militi - di-bri-ology or /miləˌteˌdeˌbiˌäləjē/.


Can you think of any others?  Send them to us on june@hintsandthings.co.uk





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