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Music Hall Index


General Things to consider before purchasing your first acoustic guitar.
  Ideas on how to decorate a media room with a musical theme.
  How to create a media room around a television.
  iPod Buying Guides - useful things to look out for when choosing an iPod.
  Do you need  a Flexible Piano Keyboard or MIDI functionality on your Acoustic Piano Keyboard?
  Should You Consider a Sampler or Synthesizer When Choosing a Midi Piano Keyboard Online
  Hollywood Musicals
  Life and career of Al Jolson including details of films, shows, dates etc.
Al Jolson - biography
Looking for sheet music, or lyrics to songs, you may find the answers here.
  The buttons on the left hand side of a piano accordion explained.
  PRIMARY CHORDS the nuts and bolts of harmony, guitar playing and accordion buttons.
  A simplistic look at music notation.
Musical terms can be as confusing as computer jargon to the uninitiated, want to know more?
  Musical Mnemonics - ways to work out and remember chords, scales etc.
Small Piano repairs possible at home
Things to do Easy and inexpensive ways to make holders for your CDs.
Think you know a bit about music, try the quizzes and see how well you do.  There is one covering the more 'middle of the road' enthusiasts and another with a 'classical' bias.
101 uses for unwanted disks.

I could do with some input from the younger generation in this room - if you have any information you feel would be of interest to other young people across the world which is connected to music just let me know and I will try to include it.   Or if you would like a particular subject covered or question asked contact me on





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