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Garden Index

Gardening Hints and Tips General gardening tips
  Gardening tips for late Spring and Early Summer
  Organic Gardening Tips.
  How to grow vegetables - Winter gardening.
  How to grow vegetables in containers.
  Hints and shortcuts for gardeners.
  Teaching children how to appreciate garden wildlife.
  More gardening tips.
  Most people hate mowing the lawn but here are some hints to keep your mower in top condition and make life a little easier.
  Lawn mower maintenance.
  Artificial Grass - Hints and Tips on usage and lesser known facts.
Gardening Information and Advice Creative wild flower garden advice.
  Five steps to a bird friendly garden
  Lawn Care - dealing with bare patches, getting rid of moss, mowing and fertilising.
  Buyer's guide to artificial grass explaining turf quality, different types of grass, lawn installations and cost.
  Last minute pre-winter gardening.
  Fall/Autumn gardening ready for Spring!
  Grey Water recycling and rainwater harvesting including flood tolerant plants.
  Rabbit proof plants.
  Aren't lucky enough to own your own little patch of planet - well why not add some hanging baskets to dull areas?
  Window boxes; how to plant and what to use.
  Which plants work well in baskets, window boxes and containers and also in those awkward shady areas?
  Where should climbing plants climb?
Pruning - when and how much to cut off.
  How to grow, store and use Rosemary
  Acmena (Lilly Pilly) Fact Sheet
  Information and advice on growing Avocados.
  Fact sheet for Night Blooming Jasmine
  How to look after your Jasmine Sambac plant.
  Growing Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise Plant)
  Pomegranate Punica - Fact Sheet
  Instructions for looking after a Gloriosa Superba Flame Lily.
  Everything you need to know when growing Bougainvillea.
  How to look after your citrus plants.
  Jacaranda Mimosifolia - Fact Sheet
  How to grow Coffea Arabica.
  Advice and Tips on growing Lychee and Mangos.
  Plumeria 'Frangipani' - growing tips.
  Fact sheet for growing Bauhinia.
  Which Bulbs should you choose?
  How and when to plant bulbs, choosing colours etc
  Will Hart's Gardening Diary - a guide to what you should be doing each month of the year:-

January - February - March - April - May  
June - July - August - September - October  November - December

Different ways of controlling weeds.
  How to optimize space by Square Foot gardening.
  Clearing and setting up an allotment.
  Common British pests and how to eliminate them!
  How to prevent squirrels damaging plants.
  How to keep cats off gardens, lawns etc.
General Hints and Tips Construction Hints, tips and advice
  Tips on Choosing a Ladder
  Conservatory Guide - things to consider when choosing a conservatory.
  Simple guide to buying a hot tub or spa.
Hot tub and Chemical safety tips.
  How to use outdoor firepits safely.
  How to cook a great steak on the BBQ/barbecue.

How to clean a barbecue.

  Outdoor Entertaining tips.
  Tricks of the trade- hints and tips from Florists
  A few tips to consider when sending flowers.
  Ways to save water.
  Hints and tips to make life more comfortable when camping.
General Information and Advice Soil conditioners such as Vermiculite, may pose asbestos hazard.
  Clearing a neglected or overgrown garden.
  How to protect your property with plants.
  Home Security Guide - Part 1
  Home Security Guide - Part 2
  Information and advice on outdoor kitchens.
  8 simple steps to a DIY outdoor kitchen.
  Teak or English Oak - which is best for outdoor furniture.
  How to install lawn drainage.
  Lighting water in garden design.
  The use of reclaimed and recycled materials in garden design.
  Sustainable garden design materials.
  Planning a gazebo.
  How to plan for a greenhouse.
  A guide to wheelie bin and recycling box storage
  Things to consider when installing a garden pond.
  Planting for garden ponds - what is suitable and where should it be placed?
  How to stock and maintain a garden pond.
  How to pack house plants and plants when moving house.
  How to move your pond fish safely when moving house.
  Swimming Pools - general maintenance and safety tips.
  How to make a wheelbarrow planter.
  How to construct a pebble path.
  Best products and designs for Paving, Driveways and Patios.
  Choosing, siting and maintaining garden furniture.
  Different types of garden seating using stone, paving slabs, wood and aluminium.
  Decking - how to restore.
  Decking - Spring preparation tips. 
  Decking on a budget.
  Defending your home against water damage by the use of down spouts.
Ideas For Using A Fountain In Your Home Or Garden Décor
  How to maintain a Hot Tub
  Hot Tub Maintenance
  Hot tub care - recommended hot tub maintenance routine.
Outdoor lighting.
Simple firework safety.
  Useful calculators for construction materials such as bricks, mortar, screed, cement etc.
Now you have made the garden beautiful why not sit back and watch the wildlife in your area?
  Hanging festive lights.
  Information and advice on wall mounted mail boxes.
Problems and Answers Question Time - questions and answers to your gardening problems.
  How to clean conservatory blinds.




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