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Stain Removal IMPORTANT  

Points to remember before starting!

  Information on household products that may prove useful for stain removal.
Stains A-B      Adhesive to Blood
  C         Candle wax to Curry
  D-G     Deodorant to Grease
  H-L      Hair Lacquer to Lipstick
  M-O     Metal Polish to Oil
  P-S      Paint to Sticky marks
  T-W     Tar to Wines and Spirits
  Detailed article on dealing with personal stains such as perfume, perspiration and deodorant.
  Carpet care, cleaning tips and stain removal.
Information Types of leather finishes.
  How to find the right leather cleaner.
  How to protect leather furniture during winter.
  Careful laundry - instructions on how to wash wool.
  How to wash personalised T-shirts without harming design.
  Difference between front loading and top loading washing machines.
  How to dispose of an old vacuum cleaner.
  Vacuum Cleaners - which type is right for you.
  How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your needs.
  Choosing and caring for bedding.
  How to care for lacquered and waxed finished wooden furniture.
  How to clean, polish and store silver.
  Tile and Grout cleaning and sealing.
  Things you should know when choosing an iron.
Hints and Tips Tips for solving hard water and limescale problems.
  How to clean window and conservatory blinds.
  How to clean fridge freezers.
  How to cope with two weekly refuse collections and keep your bin smelling sweet.
  How to keep your home dry and mould free.
  House to get rid of fleas from your home and pets.
  How to maintain and season a Dutch oven.
  Cleaning tips.
  A variety of cleaning tips using cheap and environmentally friendly products.
  More cleaning tips using 'not so obvious' products.
  Useful hints, tips and shortcuts.
  Many different uses for Vinegar!
  How to clean an oven.
  How to deep clean an Aga or other range cooker
  Laundry related tips covering washing, drying and ironing.
  Laundry related tips including how to prevent odors / odours in laundry.
  Tips on sorting laundry.
  Glassware - how to look after lead crystal and glass.  Troubleshooting common problems.
  Carpet care, cleaning tips and stain removal.
  Caring for your area rug.
  More information on cleaning and maintaining rugs of all types.
Detailed instructions on how to descale a Magimix.
  Secrets of good looking tiling.
  Home Office - how to keep it clutterfree.
  How to create a clutter free home.
  How to declutter your wardrobe or closet.
  How to find hidden storage areas in your home.
  How to solve storage problems in a limited space.
  Innovative storage solutions.
  More ways to solve storage problems.
  How to maximise space under your kitchen sink.
  How a closet organizer can transform your storage space.
  Slipcover tips - how to choose and care for furniture slip covers.
Ways to save water.
Get organised don't let cleaning take over your life.
  Ways to organise your everyday life to make things easier.
Miscellaneous An uplifting look at cleaning your oven.



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