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Workshop Index 

Hobbies and Crafts hints, tips and articles are towards the bottom of this Index.



Useful Calculators Concrete Calculator Readymix - enter the length & width in metres and the depth in millimetres and the estimator will work out the total volume of concrete required for your project.
  Concrete Calculator Mix on Site - enter the dimensions asked for and this will calculate the required quantities of sharp sand, gravel (aggregate) and cement.
  Sub Base Calculator - this estimator will provide the area in square metres (length x width) and the required compacted depth and the estimator will provide the approximate quantity of crusher run required for a consolidated sub base.
  More Useful calculators for construction materials such as bricks, mortar, screed, plaster, stud wall, paving etc.
  Conversions of metric and imperial measurements, length and surface area, also volume.
  Formulae to use to convert various measurements, area, length, volume, Imperial to Metric, Metric to Imperial etc.


Hints and Tips   
  How to choose the right boiler for your home.
Hints and Tips on installing underfloor heating.
What are the best eco friendly air conditioners.
Wood finishing tips 
Tips on how to identify the age of an antique.
Do and Don'ts for hiring a handyman - when to choose a general handyman or a professional tradesman.
5 useful tips on how to find kitchen contractors at bargain prices.
How to select kitchen contractors for remodelling projects.
Caulking for the winter.
How to winterize your home.
Tips on how to save energy and cut heating costs.
Hanging festive lights.
How to fit a dimmer switch.
Tips on Choosing a Ladder

DIY Safety - hints and tips.

How to replace electrical outlets/sockets.
General DIY tips to make life easier.
How to prepare a room before redecorating.
Step-by-step guide to Wallpapering 
Paint - Problem solving - Blistering, cracking & flaking.
More tips to make painting and decorating easier, quicker and safer.
How to paint a concrete floor.
More information on how to paint concrete complete with picture of the finished result.
Interior Design - hints, tips and tricks of the trade.
How to paint fun murals.
Using rhythm in decor.
Practical Feng Shui - Decorating
Area Rugs - Decorating Hints and Tips
Slipcover tips - how to choose and care for furniture slip covers.
Detailed instructions on making your own slipcovers including planning, measuring, fabric and tools as well as make-up procedures.

Stage 1 - Planning, measuring, material and tools

Stage 2 - Making your slip covers.

Visual tricks to make a small room appear larger.
Design tips on low budget.
New interior design tips.
  Plumbing tips - Taps/Faucets
  How to deal with frozen and split pipes in your home.
  5 Inexpensive Bathroom makeover ideas.
  How to paint bathroom cabinets.
  How to replace a shower head.
  How to choose and install the right shower enclosure for your bathroom.
  More information on how to install a shower stall/cubicle.
  Tips on fitting a bathroom cabinet.
  A guide to bathroom lighting.
  Bathroom remodeling / remodelling techniques.
  Bathroom renovation - what to consider.
  Tips for small bathrooms.
  Child friendly bathroom decor on a budget.
  Bathroom design ideas - How to make over your bathroom on a budget.
  Fantasy Bathroom Design
  Shabby Chic bathroom design.
  Traditional bathroom design
  Country bathroom design
  Top decor mistakes and how they are remedied.

Kitchen Buyers Beware! - Tricks of the trade used by Kitchen Sellers.

Trick 1 - Who owns the cheque book?

Trick 2 - Adjusting the mark-up.

Trick 3 - The Kitchen Sale

Trick 4 - The Free Appliance Offer

Trick 5 - Selling Up.

Trick 6 - Pressure Selling.

  Five easy ways to give your kitchen designer WOW!
  How to adjust kitchen cupboard / cabinet door hinges.
  Kitchen designs - what you should bear in mind when choosing a new kitchen.
  How to decorate a kitchen for a man.
  Secrets of good looking tiling.
  Measuring space - how much do you really need?
  Storage Ideas.
  Decking - Spring preparation tips. 
  Decking - how to restore.
  How to construct a pebble path.
  Best products and designs for Paving, Driveways and Patios.
Hints, tips and advice on construction.
  Planning for a greenhouse.
  Planning for a gazebo.
  Swimming Pools - general maintenance and safety tips.
  Ways to save water.
  Green ways to heat your home.
  How to save heating costs in the home.
  Artificial Grass - Hints and Tips on usage and lesser known facts.
Information and Advice How to fit a plasterboard patch.


Important and useful information on free debt counselling, flueless fires, gas safe/corgi and what to do if you are arrested.
  Essential research before buying a kitchen.
  Which worktop - Corian, Quartz, Stainless Steel or Granite?

Hand and Power Tools needed by people undertaking DIY.

  Information and advice on wall mounted mail boxes.
  Advice on how to negotiate home improvements contracts prior to work commencing.
  Restoration of furniture, objects and jewellery.
  Types of leather finishes.
  How natural light affects home decor.
  What is a color wheel/colour wheel and how it should be used?
  Complete guide to buying old/new furniture.
  French Country Furniture - how to locate; French furniture and wood terms explained and translated.
  How to choose the right sofa.
  What to look out for when buying an Area Rug.
  How to baby proof / child proof you home.
Is your home safe?

Fire prevention information as recommended by National Community Fire Safety Centre.

  Home Security Guide - Part 1
  Home Security Guide - Part 2
  General Home Security tips.


More security tips for business and homes.

  Home Security Tips - how to beat the burglar
  Dealing with Damp and Condensation.
  Defending your home against water damage by the use of down spouts.
  Grey Water recycling and rainwater harvesting including flood tolerant plants.
  Conservatory Guide - things to consider when choosing a conservatory.
  Teak or English Oak - which is best for garden furniture?
  Information and advice on outdoor kitchens.
  8 simple steps to a DIY outdoor kitchen.
  A guide to the different types of stair lift.
  Advice on purchasing a stairlift.
  How to choose the right air-purifier for your home.
  How to install a bathroom vanity.
  Detailed instructions on how to tile your bathroom like a professional.
  Tile and Grout cleaning and sealing.
  How to finish those basement walls.
  Inspirational ideas on how to use concrete in your home.
  How to use concrete in a traditional kitchen.
  How to repair plaster moldings.
  Ten effective ways of dealing with low ceilings.
  Choosing the right sink installation for your kitchen.
  Choosing a cooktop or hob and the recommended cookware for each type.
The different sizes of screw and what would you use them for?
  How to measure fasteners/screw lengths.
  How to remove and replace bricks.
Brick and Block sizes, mortar, concrete - just what quantities do you need to complete that job?
  How a closet organizer can transform your storage space.
  How to find hidden storage areas in your home.
What to do in an emergency Common plumbing disasters and how to handle them.
  Burst Pipe / Tank,


Hints and Tips  How to trace or enlarge an image without using software.
  Light Painting - a simple photography technique explained.
  Unusual uses for picture frames.
  Ideas for table centerpieces (centrepieces)
  How to recycle paper into paper clay and make it into works of art .
  Cross stitch tips and techniques.
  How to do cross stitch.
  General Knitting tips
  Useful sewing tips.
  How to preserve photographs.
More photography tips.
  Tips on how to take good photos of your dog and what makes a good dog model.
  How to make affordable art for your home.
  Genealogy - how to get started.

Tips for Artists

How to dry flowers in your microwave.
  Drying flowers with silica gel.
Tricks of the trade from Florists.
Other hints, tips and shortcuts for hobbies, handicrafts, sewing etc.
Information and Advice Guidelines for choosing the perfect curtain or drape fabric.
  Stitching Cards - Detailed instructions on how to stitch your own beautiful greetings cards.
  Stock Photos explained.
  Things you should know when buying a digital photo frame.
  Knitting terms and method of operation (pages 1 and 2).
  Conversion chart for stranded cottons

DMC to Anchor

  Conversion chart for stranded cottons

Anchor to DMC

  Cross Stitch - detailed instructions on how to get started with cross stitch, complete with diagrams.
Free charts/patterns Free, exclusive Cross Stitch pattern
Things to make and do

An impressive collection of FREE online jigsaw puzzles.

  How to make a basic dog kennel.
  Instructions for making a wheelbarrow planter.

How to make book ends, cheaply and easily.

Easy and inexpensive ways to make holders for your CDRoms.

Things to Make and Do by renewing and recycling.

Decking on a budget.
  Economical gifts to make 
  Other suggestions of Gifts to make 
  Customising furniture with your favourite photos.

Circle of Friends - a place to exchange experiences, expertise, hints and tips.

  Cheap prescription glasses for fishermen.
  How rooms can reflect personality, take a chance and keep young at heart.






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