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More information on Head lice (Pediculosis)

from nit-nurse.com 

The human head louse (‘pediculus humanus capitis’) affects around 20 million people worldwide each year. A head louse infestation (‘pediculosis’) is not a sign of bad hygiene or poor parenting. It just means your child has had head-to-head contact with someone with head lice.

A head louse infestation is sometimes referred to as ‘pediculosis’. 

  • Head lice are tiny (2-4mm long) wingless brown hair parasites that live in the hair and on the head of humans. 


  • Head lice are highly contagious and are easily spread through head-to-head contact. 


  • Head lice cannot survive for long away from a host as they need regular meals. 

The head louse lifecycle lasts approximately 30 days, during which the louse passes through three stages: 

First eggs ( the nit):

then after shedding their skin (moulting) three times, head lice nymphs become mature adults; this normally takes 10 to 14 days. 

Within a day of becoming adult hair lice, male and female lice will start to reproduce.

Loue eggs (nits)

The key to treating a lice infestation – and preventing re-infestation – is to break the lifecycle with a product that removes the eggs before they can hatch.

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