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5 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

If you are struggling to achieve maximum air quality throughout your home, there are several steps you can take to measure the level of humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide in the air and based on the results, make a number of suitable changes. It can be relatively simple and straightforward to do so if you are looking for ways to improve your home’s air quality, continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

  1. Keep your home warm 

In order to improve your home’s air quality, you must keep your home warm if and when you can. If you can keep the temperature of your home between 19 and 21 degrees during the colder months, for example, you can prevent condensation from forming and improve the air quality throughout your home for you and your loved ones.

  1. Use solid or liquid-based cleaning products 

If you want to improve the air quality of your home, it may benefit you to use solid or liquid-based cleaning products only. They are less likely to linger in the air and cause harm when breathed in and may even produce a greater shine. Many people are opting to even use more ‘natural’ remedies that don’t use harsh chemicals.

  1. Fix any leaks 

A leak in your home, no matter how minor, can end up negatively impacting the air quality of your entire home. If you notice any leaks developing, you must fix them as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse and to avoid having to deal with damp or mould which can lead to serious health implications down the line. It can be done best by enlisting the help of an external plumber with the skills and know-how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  1. Vacuum on a regular basis

To improve your home’s air quality, you can get experts in carpet cleaning to come see yours. Getting your carpets cleaned twice a year is advised. It can get rid of any lingering particles and prevent any dust allergies you may have from flaring up. If you struggle to control the level of dust in the air, a damp cloth can also prevent it from rising up into the air. Carpets contain a surprising number of problems for your breathing, but it’s easily fixed.

  1. Use electric or gas heating 

If you cook and heat your home with wood or coal, this may be negatively impacting your home’s air quality. It may, therefore, be worth switching to electric or gas heating instead and remembering to use an extraction fan if and when you are cooking to rid the air of any lingering particles or smoke that may be affecting your health.

If you are looking to improve your home’s air quality, there are a number of steps you can take to do so including keeping your home warm during the colder months, using solid or liquid-based cleaning products, fixing any leaks as soon as they appear, vacuuming on a regular basis, and using electric or gas heating.