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How to Add Personality to a New Build Home

New build properties come with many advantages. They’re built to modern standards, and therefore offer superior energy efficiency. They’re untouched by wear and tear, and tend to cost much less in terms of maintenance. They’re available across the country – you can find new-build homes in Doncaster, Cumbria, Brighton and elsewhere. Finally, they often come with warranties, which means that you can buy with peace of mind.

One criticism that’s often levelled at new-build properties is that they lack some of the character and personality we might find in older ones. This is a valid criticism, but it’s one that can often be addressed by the homeowner, both during the build, and after it.

Adding Design Choices During the Build Stage

In many cases, you’ll have a say in the way that your property is furnished, before you’re handed the keys. You might even get a say in the layout, depending on the developer.

In the kitchen and bathroom, your choice of appliances, cabinets and sanitary wear can make a huge difference. Flooring might also play a vital role. You might, in the kitchen, decide that you’d like a specific sort of porcelain tile. If you get involved at this stage, then you might even add extra features like underfloor heating.


Adding personality Once you Get the Keys

Even after the property is finished, there’s scope for renovation and modification.

Obviously, décor matters a great deal. Paint the walls a slightly different colour, and you could end up with an entirely different look for any given room. You might even ask the developer to leave the rooms unpainted, so that you can choose your own colours. Or, you could simply hand them a list of your preferences.

The way that your spaces are furnished can make just as big a difference as the colour of the walls. This applies especially in the case of your curtains and window dressings, since they will be highly visible.

Since the whole point of this exercise is to inject some of your personality into the space, you might also want to include plenty of photos and other personal items. The more prominently these things are placed, the more unique the space will feel.

Lighting is also imperative. Go for many different light sources to fill in the space, and avoid the dingy feel that you get when all of your light stems from the same source. A combination of wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps usually provides excellent results.

We should also think about the garden, and other outdoor spaces. A good patio will, during summer, serve as an extension of your indoor living space. This is something that you can build yourself from scratch – which means that you can safely buy a new-build property with a modest garden and work your way up.