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How to improve your home security

How do you keep your home safe and secure? This is a key question for any homeowner.

A secure living space protects you, your family and your valuables. It also provides a sense of calm and comfort. In this guide, we will explore practical tips to enhance your home security, so that you have peace of mind.

Why is security important?

You might already have some security measures in place around your home. However, it’s always worth updating or upgrading these.

One main reason for keeping on top of the systems you have around the home is that burglars are getting savvy to the latest security setups. In fact, according to CrimeRate, during 2022, England and Wales’s police forces received 250,690 crime reports about burglary – a 7% increase from 2021’s figure.

There are several factors that could be behind the increase in burglaries. But by investing in new security systems, you can make your property more resistant to intruders.

Add alarms

Invest in a quality alarm system that includes door and window sensors, motion detectors, and a loud siren. Many systems today are equipped with smart features, allowing you to monitor your home remotely. This not only alerts you in case of an intrusion but also serves as a deterrent to potential burglars.

Light it up

Proper lighting is a simple yet effective way to discourage burglars. Strategically placed lights enhance visibility, making it challenging for intruders to approach undetected.

Pathway lights can illuminate driveways, pathways, and key areas of your garden to eliminate hiding spots. Also, consider installing motion sensor lights that only activate when motion is detected. As well as preserving energy, this prevents unnecessary glare throughout the night.

Smart doorbells and cameras

Security technology has advanced drastically in recent years, with smart doorbells and cameras becoming a popular choice among homeowners. A smart doorbell allows you to see who’s at your door in real-time, whether you’re at home or away.

Additionally, indoor cameras enable you to keep an eye on various areas within your home, providing peace of mind, especially if you’re frequently away. Stay connected through mobile apps that offer live streaming and alerts, keeping you informed about any unusual activity.

Keep it locked

While it may seem like common sense, maintaining proper locking mechanisms is crucial. Secure garden gates to prevent unauthorised access to your property and avoid the classic mistake of hiding spare keys under doormats or plants – instead, use a secure lockbox for emergency access.

Also, do you have pets? If you have a cat flap, for instance, consider adding chips to your pets’ collars to ensure that the doors only open for them.

These simple measures add an extra layer of security that can make a significant difference.