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How to Install a Wall Mounted Mailbox

Wall Mount Mailboxes – Big Design For Small Spaces

by Scott Gray


Wall mount mailboxes are the perfect way to add that extra bit of curb appeal to your small space. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a
cosy cottage, these beautiful decorative mailboxes are just the thing you need to give your home a completed look.

In fact, most urban residential mailboxes are wall mounted instead of mounted on the traditionally rural mailbox posts. However, you should be sure to contact your local mail carrier to ensure that he or she will deliver to a wall mounted mailbox before you purchase one.

What Are Wall Mounted Mailboxes?

Wall mounted mailboxes are hung directly on the wall to your home, often by the front door or on the front porch.

Your local mail carrier will probably have specific instructions regarding where to locate your mailbox, so be sure to ask him or her before installation.

There is a fantastic variety of styles, shapes, and sizes of wall mailboxes, so consider the look of your home before you make a rush decision.
wall mounted mailbox

Are There Different Types of Wall

There are two mail types of wall mailboxes: horizontal and vertical.

Both of these are perfectly capable of holding mail in the same manner, but one is situated vertically while the other is situated horizontally. Make the decision for which mailbox to choose based on the dimensions of your hanging space.

For porch posts, a vertical mailbox will probably work better, but horizontal mailboxes blend in better if hung directly on the side of your home.

What Size of Wall Mounted Mailbox Do I Need?

The question of size is always one that plagues individuals looking for a wall mounted mailbox. You should choose a mailbox that is large enough to hold all of your mail, but still small enough to fit into your space.

If you regularly receive a newspaper, magazines, or catalogs, consider choosing a mailbox that comes equipped with a special hook or slot to hold these items.

Typically, these hooks leave your newspapers, magazines, and catalogs exposed to the elements, so take this into consideration before choosing a mailbox.

Should I Choose A Locking Mailbox?

The security of your mail is a huge concern on the minds of many individuals, so locking mailboxes are a way to ensure that no one can enter your mailbox without authorization.

These locking mailboxes look the same as a traditional wall mounted mailbox, but allow you to keep your mail (and the personal information inside) secure. When choosing a locking mailbox, consider those that also keep your outgoing mail secure. When your outgoing mail contains things like checks for payment of your bills, these items need to be under lock and key.

Can I Install It Myself?

Yes you can. Mailboxes today come with all the instructions to do it yourself. The basic tools you will need is a measuring device like a
Stanley tape
measure, a level and a screw driver.

Some of the steps you will need to take;

  • Measure the area so your mailbox in is the center of the wall and is at the right height.

  • Once you have it where you want it then, use your level to level the mailbox and then screw it into your wall or post.

  • If you have a Makita cordless drill or any other type you can use it with a screw driver bit to make the installation easier.

  • Make sure you follow the instructions.

The Benefits Of A Wall Mounted Mailbox

Many individuals weigh the benefits of a wall mounted mailbox versus a post mounted mailbox.

mailbox covered in snow The main benefit of wall mounted mailboxes is proximity. Instead of having to walk across a yard, or sometimes even across a busy rural road, a wall mounted mailbox is located close to your front door.

This great aspect makes it perfect for elderly individuals who find a simple trip to the mailbox can be exhausting.

Also, instead of navigating the route during rain, snow, hot summer sun, and cold winter chill, you can shorten your trip by mounting a mailbox next to your front door.

Another benefit of the wall mounted mailbox is that you do not take up valuable yard space with a large, bulky post mounted mailbox. This is critical if you have a small yard or are currently renting an apartment that does not have the option of a yard.