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How to Make Your Own Fabric Reusable Face Mask

Wearing a face mask is one way we can all help slow the spread of the new corona virus that causes COVID-19.

Wearing a face mask in public or community settings, especially in situations where you may be near other people, is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, the World Health Organization (WHO)Trusted Source, and many state and county health departments. Some cities also require you to wear face masks if you go out in public.

A face mask isn’t intended to protect you, the wearer. Instead, the purpose of wearing a face covering, according to the CDC, is to protect the people around you. That’s because you may have the disease, but aren’t showing symptoms.

If you lack sewing skills or just want a quick way to make a face mask with materials at home, we’ve got you covered.

Before diving into the conversation around masks, there's one thing you should know: The public shouldn't buy surgical masks or N95 respirators. Health care staff faces shortages and require some masks to treat patients with coronavirus.

You should also note:

Recommended but not mandatory face protection.

Homemade masks should not replace social distancing and remaining indoors.

Still, if you want to make a mask, here are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 's simple step-by - step instructions on how to do just that, whether you know how to sew or not.

Not sure how to wear the masks, or clean them? We answer certain questions under the instructions for making masks.

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​Making your own face mask without sewing


Step 1 -   Materials you'll need

  1. Square cotton cloth, about 20" x 20"

  2. Coffee filter

  3. Rubber bands or hair ties

making face mask step 1


Step 2 - ​Make your mask

1. Cut a folded coffee filter out from the bottom. Leave the top part — you'll need it in your mask for the filter.

step 2 face mask


Step 3 - ​Within a triangle lies a cotton fabric or 20 "x 20" flat T-shirt. Fold the shirt or bandana halfway lengthwise.

Make ur our mask

 4.    Fold the cut filter inside the folded bandana or shirt center. Then fold the bandana top or shirt over the filter downwards. Fold up at the bottom.

self face mask without sewing

 5.   Place rubber bands or hair ties, about 6 inches apart, around the folded bandana or shirt.

Face Mask Step 5

​6. Fold the side of the bandana or shirt in toward the middle and tuck.

facemask step 6

​6. Place the rubber bands or hair ties around your ears, and voila -- you've made a face mask, no sewing required.

facemask without sewing

Making a Face mask at home, If you know how to sew  

​Materials you'll need for make a sew Face mask

​   1. Tightly woven cotton fabric

​  2.  Elastic (or rubber bands, string, cloth strips, hair ties)

​   3. Needle & thread (or bobby pin or sewing machine)

​   4. Scissors

1. Cut your fabric into two 10" by 6" rectangles. Place them on top of each other.

sew face mask

2. Fold over the long sides -- 1/4 inch -- and hem.

step 2 sew face mask

3. Then, fold the double layer of fabric over 1/2 inch along the short sides. Stitch down.

sew facemask 2

4. Thread through the wider hem on each side of the mask a 6-inch-long, 1/8-inch-wide piece of elastic and knot it — this is one of your two ear loops! You can do the same with hair ties or rubber bands, if you don't have elastic. You can make the ties longer if you only have string or fabric, and tie the mask behind your head.

facemask at home

5. Pull on the ear loops so the knots are tucked inside the hem.

facemask at home

Gather the sides of the mask on the elastic and adjust so the mask fits your face.

6. Then, stitch the elastic (or fabric) in place on the corner of the mask to keep it from slipping -- and voila! You've sewn a mask in six steps.

facemask stitching at home