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(Without the use of software)

If you want to transfer a design from a magazine, picture or book there are several ways this can be done.


a: Place a thin piece of paper over the image and trace (i.e. copy by following lines seen through the sheet of paper)

b: Place a piece of carbon paper over the surface or paper on which you would like to transfer the image and put the tracing on top of the carbon paper.

c:  Retrace the image using a hard pencil or ballpoint pen.

d:  Remove tracing and carbon paper and the image should have been transferred.

hand holding pen


a:  Another method is to trace the image as above.

b:  Then turn this tracing over and, using a very soft lead pencil, scribble over the traced line ensuring it is well covered.

c:  Turn the sheet back again and place onto the surface onto which you wish to transfer the image.

d:  Now retrace the outline using a hard pencil or ballpoint pen.

Hey presto! This works better on paper than harder surfaces.



a:  Trace as above then divide the image into grids i.e. vertical and horizontal lines equal distance apart.

b:  Draw another grid using the same number, but larger squares (horizontally and vertically) onto the new surface.

As an example, if the original image was 10 cms x 6 cms you could draw a line at one centimetre increments making a grid of 10 x 6 (60 1cm squares in all). If you wish to enlarge this design to 100 cms x 60 cms you still draw a grid of 60 squares but this time each square would now measure 10cms instead of 1 cm.

c:  You look at the original image to see the contents of each individual square and replicate this into each individual square on the new grid.





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