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Fashion Tips For Men

man in suit holding a walking cane

Nowadays looking good isn`t just something that women think about -- for most men the clothes and accessories they choose to wear will be chosen specifically because they look good and make them feel good. The fact is that you feel so much better about yourself if you feel good in the clothes you wear -- this isn`t just about wearing designer brands, it`s about wearing clothes that you like and that fit well and then complementing your clothes with accessories that do the same job.

Looking good can make a very real difference to your life. As any successful business leader will tell you looking the part in corporate life can give your career opportunities a significant boost and, from a personal and social perspective, wearing the right clothes and accessories will make the right impression on both your friends and on members of the opposite sex!

There are certain wardrobe essentials that most men will own at some point in their lives. These include both formal and informal clothing and accessories. If, for example, you work in a corporate environment or need to wear formal clothing (either every now and then or regularly) then you will no doubt own one or more suits. 

Some men stick to classic dark suits in black or darker shades whereas others like more modern colours and designs. 

Bear in mind that a classic black suit can suit all kinds of occasions so, if you don`t need to wear suits that often but do need to have one to hand, then a classic black design may be your best option. 

Other options here include formal shirts. Although these have traditionally been white there are more options open to formal shirt wearers nowadays and many people prefer to wear bright colours or checked or patterned shirts. 

shop assistant holding jacket on hanger

The same goes for ties -- it`s always worthwhile having a couple of classic plain ties in your wardrobe for particularly formal occasions but there is also no reason why you cannot also own some more flamboyant styles and designs. 

Finally, don`t forget to buy some suitable formal shoes -- many men like to simply buy a classic pair of black or brown shoes (depending on the suit they`ll go with).

cartoon of dapper men Informal clothing does, of course, give you more choice. 

Many men prefer to simply wear jeans, casual shirts or t-shirts with a pair of trainers when they are relaxing but there are many other options when it come to casual dressing. 

Some men, for example, will also own some smart casual clothing such as some semi-formal shirts, trousers and shoes.

Few of us can afford to buy all of the clothes we like all of the time so many people find that setting up a few basic but good quality items at the core of their wardrobe is a good tip. So, for example, in summer many men will buy a few good quality brand name t-shirts and some shorts to see them through the warmer weather. They may invest in a couple of baseball caps to set off their outfits at the same time. In winter many people find that a good quality coat will stand them in good stead -- even the plainest of overcoats can be made distinctive with the addition of a nice scarf and hat.

Accessories play an important part in men's fashion nowadays. More and more designers have moved into this sector and there are all kinds of accessories available to buy which can complement any outfit. These include hats, scarves, wallets, key rings, bags, rucksacks, belts, ties and umbrellas.

Finally, the best tip any man can have when it comes to working out what suits him best is to think about dressing to suit his personality. If you are happiest in a pair of jeans and t-shirt then dressing yourself up in a suit to impress others will not have the desired effect -- you`ll just look uncomfortable. So, choose clothes and accessories that suit you first and you`ll look and feel much more comfortable.

Fashion tips for larger men.




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