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Fashion Tips for the Larger Man

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Fashion Tips for the Larger Man

The men’s outsize clothing market
in the UK is expanding rapidly, in the last decade a series of
specialist outlets have sprung up to server the bigger and taller gent.

These outlets range from the
bricks and mortar shops to specialist online retailers. Whilst there are
now a host of places to buy outsize men’s clothing from, there is still
little fashion advice out there for the larger gent. These 5 tips will
help you when choosing
Big Dude

Big men do not have to stick to the specialist outsize clothing
brands such as KAM and Duke but there are more fashionable brands
available such as Ben Sherman, Farah, Penguin, Birkenstock and many
others. Also, you will find some great brands on USA based websites
that you will not get in big sizes in the UK such as Levi Jeans.


Fortunately fashion for the bigger man is not as fickle as
mainstream fashion. Therefore you can wear last season’s collection
and no one will notice but still enjoy the sizeable price savings.

Sale periods are unbelievable rigid in the big men’s
clothing trade. New Autumn/winter ranges hit shops in August
and they will put major discounts on the previous season’s
stock. Likewise this happens in March at the start of the
Spring/summer season.

 So if you stick
to March and August for your buying months you will be front
of the queue for the sales periods with the biggest
discounts and selection.

person carrying 'sale' carrier bags

Try new brands, as this market expands, many new brands are coming
to supply the increasing market. You may find new brand is the
perfect fit for you, but also with a new brand they offer special
discounts when launching to encourage customers to buy their brand.

Be careful of sizing changes between brands – Sizes vary between
brands with a 2XL in a Wrangler shirt being a total different size
to a 2XL in a Duke shirt. Online shops will measure the garments for
you if you ask to make sure you do not have to return the product.

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