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How can your small business increase brand visibility?

A hugely important step for your small business

A battle every small business faces is gaining visibility in what is already a very crowded marketplace. Regardless of your niche, there’s almost certainly going to be competition vying for your the attention of your consumers – so how do you ensure your business is the one at the forefront of their mind?

Whether it’s streamlining your social media presence or using a company like Bestbuy envelopes to provide customised stationary, there are many affordable options. So where should you begin?

Get active across social media

Social media is an affordable but highly effective option when it comes to increasing your brand visibility. Most social media accounts won’t even cost you anything, besides some of your time. As a business it’s important to engage with your audience, and social media gives you that option. Run specialist offers and deals, give your followers an insight into your daily operations, and use your page as a forum to encourage your customers to give you their feedback.

Consider investing in sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities have long been a way for businesses to increase their visibility, and it isn’t just the preserve of those with swollen marketing budgets. Think about the values your core customers have and the events, organisations, and activities your business could sponsor that line up with those. For example if you have a business selling sportswear, consider sponsoring a charity walk. Sponsorship isn’t free of course, but when you consider the increased level of eyes on your branding as a result, the right sponsorship opportunity is a compelling investment.

Integrate unified branding everywhere

If you’ve spent the time and effort to develop your brand, it’s essential that it’s unified across your business. What does that mean? In a nutshell it means making sure your logos, typefaces, colour schemes, and tone of voice is consistent across every avenue of your communications. This applies from your website to the envelopes you send your mail shots in. Custom printing is surprisingly affordable too, so this is a great way for smaller businesses to seem more established, which can be an essential component in building first time customer trust.

A brief conclusion

No matter if you started your small business years ago or yesterday, you have a broad variety of options available to you when it comes to promoting your brand. The great thing is that technology has levelled the playing field, meaning that you don’t need a huge marketing budget to get compelling results. All you need is a little creativity and something your customers really want – that’s enough to get the ball rolling. Before you know it your brand will be occupying its rightful spot in the marketplace.