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5 Ways to Look After Your Home While on Your Travels

Millions of us love nothing more than to escape the daily grind and go jet-setting across the world. Whether you’re off on a family holiday, a city break, or backpacking on a budget, it’s important that you have everything in order before leaving the front door.

No one wants to return home to find gone off milk in the fridge, or in a worst-case scenario, that they have been broken into, so here are some handy tips that will ensure your property stays safe and sound while on your travels.

Speak to Family and Friends

Once you have your trip booked, it’s wise to speak to your loved ones about your plans. This is because a family member or friend may be willing to house sit for you while you’re away. Having someone in the home can be a huge stress-reliever, knowing that your property is occupied. If you have pets, a loved one can come in and look after them while you’re not at home.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Whether you’re going on a short break or a long adventure, you need to ensure you have the right home insurance cover that stays valid throughout the duration. Leaving your home empty for an extended period leaves it vulnerable to theft and damage. Although it may seem obvious to purchase an adequate level of cover for your prized possessions, there could be exclusions in your policy that you aren’t aware of. For those who haven’t got any insurance in place, there are plenty of home insurance comparison sites you can use. You can find the right cover and get peace of mind while you are away.

Hide Valuables

If you’re itching to get out the door and off on your holidays, you may forget to house your valuables somewhere safe and secure. Any sentimental pieces in your living room can be easily seen from the outside, so make sure you take time to go around your home and store valuables out of sight. Should a thief lay their eyes on something worth stealing, they’re sure to use every tactic possible to get it. The last thing you want is to arrive home to find a sentimental necklace or piece of jewellery has been stolen, so it may be worth purchasing a safe that you can store things in.

If a family member or friend cannot stay in your home while you’re away, it may be worth handing over valuables that they can look after in their own property. In addition to hiding valuables, make sure all your windows and doors are locked, and cancel any milk and newspaper deliveries as they will indicate to criminals that you’re not inside.

Avoid Social Media

When going on a trip away, it’s normal that you’ll want to share updates with your loved ones about how you’re getting on. While you may not think a social media post will travel any further from your inner circle, criminals are experts when it comes to all things cyber. Even if your posts are restricted to family and friends only, there is always the risk that someone else may see your posts, which will signal that you’re not home. If you’re a Facebook lover, try and refrain from posting about your trip until you arrive home. Having some time away from social media can do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing too, helping to reduce anxiety and give you a clearer mindset.

Install Security Cameras

Having some time away from home should be an opportunity to relax and unwind. If you lead a hectic schedule, swapping your routine for some sun, sea and sand can decrease stress levels and help you return home feeling on top of the world. This means that when you’re away, you don’t want to be worrying about your home and everything inside it. Thanks to technology, you can install security cameras that will record 24/7 footage of your front and back garden. What’s more, you don’t have to wait until you get home to look through the footage. Lots of companies have apps you can download onto your smartphone that allow you to see through the lens (even if you’re thousands of miles away!).

To give your home the best protection, make sure you invest in high-quality security cameras. Should your property get broken into, grainy footage isn’t going to help your case and get justice for those accountable. Security cameras can also lower your home insurance costs.

We should all be able to go away on our travels and return home without any worries and fears of being broken into. Before you head on your next adventure, make sure you take the time to get your home in order which will not only add more protection, but stop you from worrying while on your travels.