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Materials and Technologies in the Manufacturing of Fakro Loft Ladders Overview and Analysis

Attic stairs are an ideal solution for any home where with a lack of space for a traditional staircase leading to the attic. You can apply them to both a usable and a non-utilitarian attic, which is usually used as storage for less frequently or seasonally used items. To ensure easy and safe access to the attic, it is worth considering the installation of folding stairs from FAKRO, which provide sturdiness, reliability and top quality.

Below we will try to introduce the types of FAKRO loft ladders, their method of use and the materials they can be made of. You can also read even more at https://www.fakro.co.uk/loft_ladders/.

What are the types of attic stairs?

There are many different types of those type of ladders on the market nowadays. They are characterized by size, finish and installation method. There are a number of models available from FAKRO, which have been tailored to the individual needs of users. Among them are sectional stairs with a wooden or metal ladder or scissor stairs. All of these models are distinguished by the fact that during folding and unfolding the ladder does not take up much space, and after folding it hides discreetly in the ceiling, saving valuable space in the room.

An important feature of all models offered by FAKRO is their high quality of construction and the use of modern technological solutions that guarantee excellent airtightness and high thermal insulation parameters in accordance with EN 14975.

Among the most popular types of attic stairs we can currently include:

  • Folding sectional stairs, which are practical and save a lot of space, since they completely hide in the ceiling when folded. Their ladder can be made of wood or metal, and they are often equipped with a heat-insulating flap. They usually consist of several segments that slide into or overlap each other.
  • Scissor stairs, also known as accordion stairs, fold in an accordion and are usually made of steel or aluminium. They are ideal for installation in rooms where there is not enough space to open a regular folding staircase. They are opened by pulling out.
  • Mill staircase – the only one in this list that is not foldable, and is used in rooms where there is not enough space to install other types of stairs, yet constant access is required. Folding and unfolding would be too cumbersome there.

What materials are used to produce attic stairs?

Nowadays, the selection of an attic staircase is mainly based on the choice of one of two possible materials: wood and metal. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which we will try to briefly discuss below.

Loft ladders made of wood are very popular due to their attractive appearance and ease of fitting into a variety of interiors. As a natural resource, wood adds warmth and coziness to rooms, which is especially appreciated in living spaces. In addition, wood stairs can be relatively easy to install and customize. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind several disadvantages of such stairs. This is because they are susceptible to mechanical damage and require regular maintenance to protect them from moisture. Higher purchase and installation costs compared to metal stairs may also influence the final decision.

Metal attic stairs are distinguished by their impressive durability and ability to withstand much greater loads than their wooden counterparts. Thanks to the use of steel or aluminum, they are resistant to moisture, which is an important asset for rooms such as the attic, where weather conditions can be a variable. In addition, the metal does not deform under the influence of temperature changes, which guarantees the stability of the structure even with prolonged use.

The final choice depends primarily on our preferences, needs and aesthetics. Wooden stairs can be an ideal choice for classic, rustic or Scandinavian interiors. Metal, thanks to its modernity, will fit perfectly into minimalist and industrial interiors.

What are the biggest advantages of attic stairs?

FAKRO loft ladders provide a number of advantages, which mainly include:

  • Economical use of space
    FAKRO loft ladders are designed to take up little space when folded and unfolded. When folded, they hide efficiently in the ceiling, leaving more space in the room where they are installed.
  • Simple installation
    Thanks to the assembly system used, the stairs can be easily installed even by two people. In addition, the ability to adjust the length of the ladder to the height of the room makes installation even more intuitive. The stairs are delivered completely assembled and do not require any pre-assembly work.
  • Comfortable handling
    The design of the stair flap relieving mechanism and ladders in some models make it easier to operate. The staircase also comes with a rod that allows convenient opening and closing of the staircase.
  • Additional options
    To increase user comfort and speed up installation, a variety of additional accessories are available for FAKRO sectional stairs.
  • Guarantee
    FAKRO loft ladders are covered by a 3-year warranty, which assures customers that they are using a high-quality product!