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Using accessories to add personality to your home

Whether you’re a homeowner or renting, putting your own stamp on where you live is one of the most satisfying experiences and can be key in turning your house into your home.

As many of us have turned to DIY and home interiors amid the pandemic, adding personality to our homes is now high on the agenda – so how to go about it?

Create a gallery wall

Either on a stairway or a large, blank wall is a perfect spot for a gallery wall. Opt for differing frames to add more interest and mix a combination of personal photos and posters with a story behind them. They’ll act as a great conversation starter if you have friends and family over!

Revamp your upholstery

If your sofa is looking a little tired, you might not need to splash out on a new one. Sofa covers can transform your upholstery or give your living quarters an entirely new vibe.

Add a bold rug to your living room

Ideal for renters who want to make a big statement but can’t splash a new colour on the walls. A feature rug can help you bring a room to life if it is painted plainly and help you bring a theme into your room.

Paint alcoves and add shelving

Painting alcoves a lighter shade than the rest of your room can stop them from becoming shadowy spaces, while adding shelves with pictures or plants also makes use of space that often can be tricky to fill.

Add colour with paint or wallpaper

A bold colour or eye-catching print could work brilliantly as a statement wall, instantly adding your personality to the room and allowing you to accent it with accessories elsewhere in the space, for example with your cushions or curtains.

Add new handles to your kitchen cupboards

A new kitchen is a seriously expensive renovation, but smaller tweaks can have just as much impact – and are kinder on the wallet too! Installing new drawer handles to your kitchen cupboards, such as those from RS, can help add character to what otherwise could be seen as an everyday kitchen. Selecting chrome if your personality leans towards the industrial or coloured patterns if you have an artist flair.

Upcycle antique pieces of furniture

Charity shops ad online marketplaces are havens for items of furniture that can be transformed with a little TLC. You might be able to bring a table to life with a coat of varnish and a little elbow grease. You’ll get a classic piece that looks good as new for a fraction of the cost!

Bring a bit of ‘you’

The most effective way to add your personality to your space is to add a bit of you! Pictures of your travels or major life events make the space unique to you and your experiences.