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5 Benefits of Using a Heat Pump System in Your Home

A heat pump is a useful alternative to energy-hungry heating and cooling systems. Rather than requiring multiple radiators, all-in-one units provide only what’s required to keep their footprint low. Here are five benefits of using water heat pumps at home, instead of less energy-efficient alternatives.

1.      Energy Efficiency

With the push to use less electricity and do better for the environment, a heat pump installation can provide a different option for homeowners who are used to radiators. Heat pump operations sip on the power, so the energy bill doesn’t rise alarmingly. The A+++ rating for heating at 35-degrees is proof of their efficiency. When compared to either electric or gas-powered heating solutions, heat pumps win hands down. They also won’t need to be replaced later when any regulations are updated in the continual push for lower-powered heating and cooling in the home. For a more in-depth explanation of their energy efficiency, visit BPC, who install heat pumps Ireland.

2.      Low Sound Emissions

The latest water heat pumps barely make a sound as they go about their job. While it’s true that previous generations of pumps weren’t soundless, considerable improvements have been made since that time. So, if you’ve heard in years past that heat pumps were noisy, set that thought aside because it’s an outdated one. For example, with the noisier AC cooling, most AC units will function at 60 decibels or so. A high-quality heat pump will do so at around 40 decibels.

3.      Works with Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a popular upgrade for people who do a home makeover and have access to the flooring at that time. A heat pump can be hooked up to the underfloor system to provide more efficiency in the heat used to keep your feet warmer. For anyone keen on a heated floor but worried about how much it will increase their utility bill, this is nice to hear.

4.      Not Just a Heater

Many UK homes suffer in the summertime because, whilst they have radiators installed, there are few, if any, facilities to handle hot days. As global warming has created hotter peaks and lower lows now, it’s become increasingly obvious of the growing need for cooling too. With the use of an external unit and a tall internal one, fan cooling is provided too. This can be utilised when needed, rather than homeowners having to suffer through a hotter summer. Also, it avoids the need for a separate AC system to handle a few warm weeks each year.

5.      Zero Dependence on Gas

Some people prefer not to have gas connected in their homes. They are safety conscious, so they prefer not to have gas cookers or rely on gas for their heating either. Heat pumps are electrically powered. They support a goal to avoid using gas to power radiators, cookers, and other home appliances.

As the concern over energy efficiency grows along with the size of the utility bill, UK homeowners are paying more attention. Given the substantial energy usage, while using outdated heating systems, alternatives like a heat pump system provide a better solution.