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The Benefits of Installing an Air Source Heat Pump in Your Home

Ground source and air source heat pumps are becoming a popular way to heat homes, as they are better for the environment and save money on bills. Read on for a look at the benefits of installing a heat pump in your home.

How an Air Source Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps are a form of heating which can transfer heat from outside your home to heat the inside, using a refrigerant system. They do this by absorbing heat from the air and then transfer this energy to your hot water supplies, such as radiators and underfloor heating.

You Can Use It All Year

Whilst you may be worried that this kind of heating wouldn’t work in cold weather, know that an air heat pump can be used all year round. Even in cold weather, there is still heat in the air outdoors. This means it will continue to work no matter the temperature outside, keeping you warm and toasty all through the freezing winter months.


There is always going to be air around your home, meaning air pumps are a great source of renewable energy. This means there is an unlimited supply source for your heating. If you are looking to improve the energy classification of your home and reduce your carbon footprint, installing one of these is a great start.

Cheaper to Install

If you want to install a heat pump in your home, this is generally cheaper than most other heating systems. The two components of an air source heat pump can be connected to your heating system with insulated pipes, meaning you could have a new heating system in place quickly, and without hassle. These Panasonic heat pumps from BPC also include a 7-year warranty when installed with an approved installer.


An air source heat pump does not require a lot of room in your home, unlike a boiler. This means if you are short on space, you can maximise the space you do have by installing this type of pump in your home. It is also suitable for fitting in old homes, as well as new builds.


If you need another good reason to install a heat pump, look no further than reduced bills. As the pump is using external air to heat your home, it can reduce your energy costs compared to other types of heating, especially a boiler which requires a lot of energy to heat. The bigger your boiler, the more energy it will use too, as it has to heat all the hot water in the tank. As well as being cost-effective, a heat pump has very little noise emissions and a reduced heating time.

There are several benefits of choosing an air source heat pump over other traditional forms of heating. If you are looking to make your home more eco-friendly, cost-effective, and want a compact way to heat the water in your home, an air heat pump may be ideal for you.