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3 Tips to Easily Excavate Your Garden

Whether you want to install a pool, a new patio, or you need to excavate your garden due to rough terrain, it can be a massive job that will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Digging any hole is child’s play and very simple, but you need to keep things like underground pipes, the size of the project, and the weather in mind.

Before you do anything though, make sure that you know the local laws about safety regulations, and that you get the proper approval if needed. Once you have the go-ahead, you can use these three tips to excavate your garden with ease.

Soften the Ground

Softening the soil before you excavate can make the entire process much quicker and easier. Dig pilot holes between six and 10 inches deep into the area you want to excavate. Fill each hole with water and let it sit for a few hours. The pilot holes should penetrate deep enough so that when you start to dig, the soil comes apart easily. Start with this process before you move on as you may need to dig more pilot holes and let the ground soak for a bit longer.

Consider the Project Size

If you only have a small patch of the garden where you want to start a vegetable patch, then you can use the tools that you have in your garage. The difficulty comes when the project increases. The bigger the area that you need to excavate, the more you will need to plan. For instance, if your soil is filled with rocks and shale, you cannot easily upturn the ground with a shovel or mattock. You will need a bigger machine to get the job done right, so look at mini digger hire for portable excavation and trenching tools.

Depending on the size of the project, you might also have to consider tool hire for more robust machines that can tackle the hardest of soils. This is especially important if you are pulling a tree out at the roots or there are existing building structures underground.

Sharpen Your Tools

The first tool you will need is a shovel. Slicing through hard soil and roots needs a shovel with a sharpened end to make the job easier. If you have a grinder handy, it will only take about 10 minutes to get the shovel nice and sharp.

Don’t make the edge of the shovel the same angle as a knife, as this will dull the edge over time. Instead, create a 45-degree angle with a blunter edge that will cut through thick vegetation. Another tool that needs sharpening is a mattock. It helps to dig trenches along the area that you want to excavate. It can also be used to pull up strong roots from the ground.

Excavating your garden will take time, and the tools you need will depend on what your objective is. It’s important to first plan and outline the area that you want to work on and then investigate what tools will be the best to complete the project safely and without too much hassle.