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How to Use Rhythm in Decor – Tricks of The Trade When Decorating

Rhythm in Home Decor

by Pamela Cole Harris

Think rhythm is only important in music – as is “Gee, Mr. Clark! It’s got a good beat and I can dance to it?” Surprise! Rhythm is also important in interior decorating and room design!

In many cases it is an element that is “felt” intuitively and not immediately apparent to the viewer but it is an element that makes a room seem – for want of a better word – “right.”

Here’s how to bring rhythm to your room!

1. Bring rhythm by repeating lines in the room – just like a musical beat. Repeat circles in various forms around the room, or curves or even vertical lines. (But there is a fine line between rhythm and cacophony (big word for noise!).

2. Arrange items from small to large – in groupings of home accessories, placement of tables and picture frames.

3. Make the room flow! (No, that does not mean turning on the faucet!) An example of flow is when curved lines in the room lead the eye smoothly from one element to another without a jarring note.

4. Add a little contrast! Repetition of shapes, lines, patterns and colors can be boring if you let it. Add a little contrast to create interest! Just make certain the contrast doesn’t hit the viewer smack dab in his equilibrium (that can hurt!).

A little thought and planning can help you bring a pleasing rhythm to your room. Now you just have to decide – is your room jazz, swing or waltz?