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Walks around the UK you need to do at least once

Walking can be a wonderful way to relieve stress and enjoy your surroundings. A walk through nature can be especially beautiful during the summer months. But where should you go for the best walks – the lake district? The peak district? Here are some walks around the UK that are especially good for hikers.

What sort of equipment should you take with you?

Walking poles can make inclines easier and map cases can keep your maps safe from getting soaked when it rains. In order to be prepared for sudden cold weather, remember to pack warm clothes, such as a cozy vest, leggings, or thermals. The materials you choose should be stretchable and allow your skin to breathe. Soft women’s thermals can also be quite flattering and are a perfect choice for a hike or bike ride. It’s also a good idea to wear new shoes on the day before the walk, to prevent aching feet afterwards.

Orrest Head in the lake district

The lake district has some difficult trails, but an easier walk leads to Orrest Head. Begin in Windermere and make your way up the path. There is a steady incline on the way to the top, but once you reach 108m you will be able to see why the lake district is known for its outstanding beauty. The amazing landscape stretches out at the foot of Orrest Head and offers outstanding views of the town.

Coast to coast in Cornwall

Hiking on the beautiful paths of Cornwall will allow you to pass many beautiful villages and areas. A popular trail leads coast to coast from Portreath to Devoran. This route is considered challenging and can also be explored by bike, or large scooters.

View of Loch Lomond in Scotland

Scotland can be a fantastic place to go hiking. Exploring the views of Loch Lomond will create experiences you won’t forget. The Arrochar Alps are the perfect spot for easier, but memorable hikes. Even winter or rainy weather won’t stop you from enjoying the scenery. . In summer you might even spot a few deers in the highlands area surrounding the lake. On the way back down you could take a break at the Arrochar Hotel, which is situated right at the foot of the lake. The loch contains lovely islands and is fascinating to watch at sunset.

There are many similar special trails that you could take. Exploring different areas and landscapes can be worth it.