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How to Make Your New House a Home

When you move into a house for the first time, you’ll be confronted by a strange sense of unfamiliarity. It won’t truly feel like a home from the off – you’ll need to take a little bit of time and energy to establish that comfortable feeling that comes from a real home.

Fortunately, there are a few simple changes you can make to transform the look of a space in next to no time. You needn’t wait for major renovations – and in some cases, like with rental properties, such renovations aren’t going to be possible, anyway. Let’s run through the steps that you should be taking during the first days and weeks.

Window Dressing

The previous occupants might have had their own taste in window dressing – and in most cases, they’ll have taken that window dressing with them. It’s time to inject of your own personal taste around the windows, which means hanging the curtains or blinds that you want to spend time looking at.

Display Art

Walls are there to keep cold air and predators out. But they’re also a means of displaying the artwork that makes you feel good. For the ultimate feeling of homeliness, you should be hanging photos and other items of personal significance. When it comes to artwork, bear in mind that there’s a difference between the stuff you like to look at once and the stuff you’ll happily hang on your wall.

Sort the Heating

If you’re not quite warm enough, or your heating is inconsistent, then you’ll never feel quite at home. The earlier you invest in a new combi boiler, the sooner you’ll feel the benefits of it. As such, if you feel that you need a new system, it’s better to act immediately, and worry about decorative touches later on.

Improve the Smell

Humans are visual creatures, who understandably place a lot of emphasis on the way that a space looks. But that doesn’t mean that smell can’t have a significant impact on the feel of a home. You can change the smell in your home via scented candles, air fresheners, and a whole range of other innovations.

Install some Plants

Greenery has a proven impact on your state of mind. A simple houseplant, if it’s in your field of view all day, will keep your mood elevated, and help you to beat stress. Ideally, you should arrange your plants in such a way that you’re never far away from one.

Change your Door Handles

It might not seem that door handles contribute to the look of your home – but they do, albeit in a subtle way. Bring in your own door handles and you’ll make the entire space feel different – and inarguably yours.