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The Best Guide to Air Conditioning for Your UK Home: What You Should Know

If you can have the proper temperature for your home throughout the year, it will contribute a lot to everyone’s comfort, and it can do plenty for everyone’s health, too. On the other hand, extreme temperatures can be detrimental to anyone and lead to heat strokes and dehydration, particularly in summer. But if you believe that investing in an air conditioning system is the right step for you and your family, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with how it works and how it can benefit you. Here, then, is your best guide to air conditioning for your UK home: what you should know.

What it is: the basics

Air conditioning is a specific system that cools down the indoor temperature in a room as it removes the moisture and heat from the space. AC systems essentially absorb the warm air and then replace it with cool air, although there are more intricacies involved in the process. The process, for instance, involves the cooling of a fluid, which comes about through the evaporation of a different fluid, which is the refrigerant. Next, the AC will convert the gas into liquid using chemicals. As a result, an AC system can effectively control a room or space’s temperature, air quality, and humidity.

The cost

The cost of AC systems will vary, and a cheaper unit may cost approximately £500 – £1000. But if you opt for a more expensive and higher-quality model, it can be around £6000, sometimes more. Of course, the price can also differ based on the installer and the brand of AC you opt for, so it would be a good idea to get a quote to have a better perspective on what your potential system can cost. You can, for instance, opt for air conditioning in Southampton from Sub Cool FM, and they can present you with a system that fits both your needs and budget.

The kinds

You may already know that there are different systems and units out there, but the one you select should cater to your precise requirements. For example, think about the size of the area that needs cooling and the amount of heat that is usually present in that area. You should also think about the kind of controls you require. When you have the proper type of system or unit, you will be able to keep your consumption of energy well in control, and your space will be much more comfortable.

  • Split-system, wall-mounted

Split-system ACs have a unit outdoors and another one indoors. The unit outdoors is often installed near or against a wall on the exterior of your structure, and it will house the condenser and expansion coils and compressor. Meanwhile, the unit indoors will be mounted on the wall, and it will have an air filter and cooling coil. Split systems are often ideal for many homes, especially since they are quiet and can connect multiple units indoors to one single unit outdoors.

  • Packaged AC systems

You can also opt for packaged systems where all the components are within one box placed outside against the wall or on the roof. These systems have a higher capacity for heating or cooling, making them perfect for commercial structures or larger homes. The air is distributed by ducts through the different rooms.