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Sunday November 27, 2005
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Home-spun hints

The website www.hintsandthings.com dispenses advice on just about every household matter you could imagine,
from florists’ tips to interior design, expert advice for Aga owners, safety
information and how to keep important household records. Run by a dedicated
enthusiast (as opposed to a corporate interest), this is an endearing and
helpful site.




and Things (17/05/04)

A site crammed full of genuinely useful tips and advice, put together by
self-proclaimed ‘plump, old, grey wrinkly’ June Jackson with the aim of
‘sharing all those little pearls of wisdom that used to be passed from
generation to generation’. You’ll find tips on topics as diverse as basic
piano repair, finding missing contact lenses, vehicle maintenance and
selling yourself in a job interview. June is clearly a genius who knows
everything, and I wish she lived round the corner from me, so I could pop
round for a spot of advice and a nice cup of (perfectly brewed) tea!




I want to
tell Hintsandthings readers what a great service June is providing.

On 17th
August I sent June an email asking her if she could help me find the answer
to a question I had regarding
my central heating boiler. 

I had a new
central heating system put in last year. The boiler is a Valliant
THERMOcompact, pretty standard kind I think. My problem was that in
order to get the water to heat up they installed a pump which makes
a harrowing noise every time I turned on the  hot
water tap in the sink either in the kitchen or the bathroom. The noise it
was making was horrible and I had to do something about it. 

June replied
to me within a few hours asking me some relevant questions such as the name
of the manufacturer of the pump and when I told her she then pointed me in
the direction of their website. 

I called
Stuart Turner Limited and after I told the very helpful technical man which
pump the contractors had fitted he immediately told me that it this pump was
five times too powerful for my needs and I should see about fitting a less
powerful one. I asked him if he could recommended a plumber, which he
did. The plumber kindly agreed to purchase the pump and fit it on Tuesday
6th September 2005 at 9am.  

Well I’m glad
to say the plumber came and fitted the pump with a minimum of fuss. It
is amazingly quiet. All you can hear now when you turn on the hot water taps
is the water running. 

Success and
all thanks to June’s website and kind help.




Internet Web Guide Magazine (October)



June Jackson describes herself as a “plump, old, grey wrinkly living in the south of
England.” It may be more or less true, but a complete description would have to
include webmaster. Her web location, Hints and Things, is a collection of hints and tips
on a variety of subjects such as explanations of basic cooking, knitting, sewing,
gardening terms, advice on cutting costs, games, brain teasers, daily quotes and a lot
more useful information. Above all, June Jackson is a cool old lady!


Waitrose – Site of the Day


Hints and Things
This is the labour of love of June Jackson, a woman from the south of England who has
created a great site which she uses to share all those little pearls of wisdom that were
previously passed on by word of mouth. The tips are arranged in easy-to-follow sections,
so you can find the help you need quickly and easily. You can also share your favourite
tips with a friend, and sign up for a free monthly e-zine that will be delivered to your
inbox each month.


As you know, we have  already been chosen as one
of the “sites of the week”  on the
Telegraph website
and featured in that paper and also included in Yahoo’s “What’s


Head straight for the Utility Room on
this engaging site which specialises in folk remedies,
common sense and an occasional touch of the surreal.

Typical tip: Keep your shower cubicle
sparkling by waxing it with car wax after you’ve washed it.
Just don’t use Turtle Wax, because it’s green.


What we liked:

June Jackson’s site offers the kind of advice you
might have got from your grandma, involving glycerine and peroxide
as well as lateral thinking. It also reminds us of that great
10-minute TV show Trade Secrets.

‘If you clean the outside of windows
vertically and the inside horizontally,’ says one hint, ‘you will be
able to tell which side any smears are on.’

There are lots of tips from site visitors, plus
an A-Z of quick, simple solutions. See our interview with June to
find out more about how and why she set up the site.

What we didn’t like: The webmistress admits that
not all tips have been tested. If you’ve burnt a saucepan, for
example, you should ‘put in some baking soda and Avon SkinSoft while
still hot. Emma Phillips assures me this works!’ Hmm.

But is Emma Phillips a local stain-removal guru,
or just some madwoman with a house full of mutilated kitchenware?
And what does she moisturise with? We should be told.


Keeping your home clean & tidy can be a full time
job, this site could help to reduce your workload…