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Tips on Choosing the Right Air Purifier For Your Home

by Yogi Shinde of www.all-air-purifiers.com 


If you're setting out to choose an air purifier to bring into your home, you will quickly find that there are many different brands, sizes, and types of air purifiers available. Figuring out which of those purifiers is going to be the right one will depend on you looking through those various styles to determine which one is going to help your home out the most. The answer to this question will come once you take a look at the problems that are plaguing your home and the reasons that you are looking for an air purifier in the first place.

The best air purifier is going to be the one which combats the poor quality of your air and finds a way to make it more pure. The method to do this, however, will largely depend on what exactly is bringing your air purity down. The most typical contaminates in the air will be:-

Dust or pollen
Pet dander and other allergens
Molds, fungus, and other organic elements
Viruses and bacterial
Chemical presences and gases or odors

Each of these elements is going to make breathing within your home more difficult, often in different ways. It is typically stated that the air quality within the walls of a typical person's home is 5 times more polluted than the air outside, even with all of the pollen and other allergens which can be found in fresh air. 

If you've noticed that you're having a problem breathing in your home, whether during waking hours or at night, investing in an air purifier will be a smart idea.

globe wearing gas mask

Fighting The Impurities In Your Air

Getting rid of the different negative qualities in your air will require using a few various types of technology. Not every form of filter is suited toward fighting the various types impurities in the air and if you are going to take care of the problem, you will need to understand how the different types of filters work.

HEPA Filters: HEPA filters are the highest-rated cloth filters which are commonly used in air purifiers for they manage to collect more particles from the air than any other filter will. A typical HEPA filter will remove 99.7% of all of the particles in your air which are 0.3 microns or smaller. The average human hair is 100 microns wide, proving that a HEPA filter is going to remove all but the smallest contaminates from your air.

dog trying to wake a person lying on bed HEPA filters can be improved upon as well, based on certain manufacturers. These HEPA filters will be able to capture even more particles from the air, remove odors, or even be permanent filters that are washable. Depending on the particular air purifier, any of these filters could prove to be beneficial.

Electrostatic Filters: The air purifiers who use these filters will work around using electrostatic power to pull particles out of the air. The idea behind these filters is that by introducing a charge into the air, the negatively charged particles will be attracted to the fibers of the filter. This will help to actively pull the contaminates out of the air and give you a more pure atmosphere.

Electrostatic filters may come already charged or they may be given a charge by introducing power into the filter itself. Some of these filters may need to be changed frequently while others will have components that you can wash. Either way, an electrostatic filter will use a more pro-active solution to air purification over simply grabbing the contaminates from the air as they happen to move through the filter itself.

UV Light Filter: Organic presences in the air can be affected by exposing it to UV light. This will help to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other gases from the air which could have a negative impact on your health. If you are trying to bring a healthier environment to your home to help prevent illness or make a cleaner environment for a sick family member, looking for a UV light filter can help prove a wise investment for the best purifier selection.

Carbon and Charcoal Filters: Eliminating odors can be another important quality to bringing about the best home environment. One of the best ways to do this is through using activated carbon filters with a charcoal presence, which help to break down the organic compounds in the air that make up the odors. The charcoal element will then absorb those elements and the more that air passes through your purifier, the cleaner smelling it will become.

Finding The Best Model

Once you figure out what type of air contamination you need to fight to make your home a healthier environment, you can begin to figure out which purifier is going to be the right choice. This can depend on how large your home is and what areas you are going to target. 

If you are noticing an overall poor air quality in your home, you will want to find a purifier which is going to target a large area. Whether you look for a purifier which is going to specifically target your entire house or you turn to a model which cleans a large volume of air at one time, you should be able to find a machine that can help purify many areas at once.

Each air purifier unit is rated to clean a specific amount of air at a time. Some are designed to help small rooms with less than 100 sq. feet of space while others can work on areas of 500 sq. feet or larger. 

Other models will attach directly into the heating and air conditioning ducts of your home and will work on cleaning the air which moves through these spaces. Figuring out which type you need will be important for choosing the best purifier for your needs.

If you find that you are having problems waking up in the morning from poor air quality in your bedroom, you may wish to opt for a smaller model that you can operate while you sleep. This will help purify the air in the one room that you remain still in for the longest period of time at your most exposed state. Improving the air quality in your home in this manner should help you to start your day in a better way and you will notice your energy levels and your health will be at much stronger levels. man laying happily in bed

One of the best tools you will have when choosing the best model will come in the form of air purifier reviews. Using these reviews will help you determine which models stand out over others according to their specifications and overall customer satisfaction. Applying yourself to researching these reviews should help quickly point you in the right direction and this will bring your home into a much cleaner, safer, and comfortable atmosphere without delay.




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