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Single glazed windows at home? Discover how you can improve the insulation!

Helping you make savings

Everyone wants a better insulated property, but not everyone has the ability to choose double glazing. If money is already tight, or you live in a property where you’re not keep to remove the original looking windows, you might need another option. Fortunately┬ásecondary glazing┬ácan considerably improve the insulation of your home, without the associated cost and disruption of double glazing.

What is secondary glazing?

It’s basically a second window that’s installed on the room-side of your existing windows. It’s really as simple as that. It can come in all manner of shapes, materials, and functionalities. For example you can have purely temporary glazing that’s designed to just be used through the winter months, or you can have glazing that fully opens alongside with your existing windows in order to be used all year through. This gives you several options depending on your property, your level of insulation, and the usage of the room you’re going to be installing the glazing in. Understanding┬áhow secondary glazing works┬ácan give you a key insight into how it can help you make your home more efficient.


A solution that works with your budget

As mentioned, not everyone can have double glazing as an option. If you live in an older property you may not want to ruin the aesthetic of it by having double glazing. Similarly you might just not be able to afford the time and disruption required to completely replace your windows. By choosing secondary glazing, you can still improve the efficiency of your home in a much more wallet-friendly manner. Many options can even be installed by the competent DIYer. When you combine this with the many choices there are for looks, aesthetics, colours, and designs it makes it much easier for you to choose a solution that works with your existing property.

Secondary glazing can considerably improve your home’s efficiency by making it more thermally secure, preventing warm air from escaping while also preventing cool air from entering. This means less time spent with your heating on, the ability to lower your central heating by a few degrees, and the effects of your heating being on lasting longer. All of these mean lower energy bills. When you combine this with some┬áother key simple household saving measures, you have many options available to you for making your money go further over this coming winter.