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3 Tips for Controlling the Climate in Your Commercial Property

Climate is a crucial and often overlooked aspect of operating a commercial property. Not only can improper climate control have a detrimental impact on the building, but it can also negatively affect staff mood and even health, which can lead to productivity issues or worse, legal action.

Controlling the climate is imperative, and there are a number of methods you can implement to do so. Things like heaters, electric window openers, and fans are all invaluable tools if you’re looking to regulate temperature. Let’s take a look at each in more detail and discuss how best to control the climate in your commercial property.

Electric Window Openers

Electric window openers are an increasingly popular technology, they can offer a number of benefits should you choose to install them in your commercial property. Firstly, many office windows are old and malfunctioning, they can be difficult or nearly impossible to open and close, while others may be in an elevated position or awkward to reach places – or both.

By using electric window openers, you can open and close the windows in your commercial property remotely from the comfort of your desk or office. Additionally, electric window openers can be integrated with smart technology, which can open or close them automatically depending on the particular temperature at the time. This is an invaluable time-saving method that allows you to establish a climate control system that requires little huma input, letting you focus on your business instead.


Provide Fans and Water

Employees who are too hot can see significantly reduced productivity. What’s more, environments that are too hot can pose health hazards. Reduce this risk by providing fans for your staff in warmer months. These can be individual desk fans or larger units such as pedestal or ceiling mounted fans.

Provide free drinking water as well, ideally in the form of a water cooler. This will allow employees to stave off the heat and stay hydrated while in the workplace. You could also consider relaxing the workplace dress code. Allowing staff to dress in loose, breathable clothing during the summer can be an effective method to reduce heat-related complaints.

Use Heaters

Much like employees who are too hot, staff that are too cold will also see a reduction in productivity. Additionally, employment law suggests that workplaces should never fall below 16 degrees Celsius, or 13 degrees if staff are doing physical work.

Providing employees with portable heaters can be an effective way to keep them warm during the winter. Work on eliminating draughts in the workplace and encourage them to dress appropriately with warm jumpers and coats.


Controlling the climate in a commercial property is vital. It can help promote greater staff morale and boost their work rate, while it can also help you avoid legal issues from staff who feel mistreated. Electric window openers are perfect for automating climate control, while using season-specific approaches such as fans or portable heaters can help your staff tolerate temperature swings throughout the year.