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Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair 2020 Review

The Omega chair from Secretlab is the mid-sized option made by this Singapore manufacturer. It has been designed to help gamers to stay comfortable and well-supported even during marathon gaming sessions that last for hour after hour. 

The Secretlab Throne is for smaller players and the Titan is for those people who are a bit bigger than average. This leaves the Omega for everyone else. It has been a popular model for several years and has received some improvements that make the Secretlab Omega gaming chair2020 version even more desirable.

This is a high-quality gaming chair that comes with enough features and customisation options to make it a fully ergonomic chair. If you plan to spend a lot of time playing your favourite games then settling down into this seat is arguably the best way of doing so. 

The Omega has been designed with gamers of between 160cm and 180cm of height in mind. It can handle weights of up to 110kg too. If you need something bigger or sturdier then check out our Secretlab Titan review.

In term of dimensions, the chair’s backrest is 53cm at its widest point and it measures 80 cm from top to bottom. The wheelbase diameter is 70cm and the seat depth is 49m. From one armrest to the other is a distance of up to 70cm.

Secretlab omega UK

Build, Design and Durability

This company has a strong reputation for designing brilliant chairs that are highly comfortable as well as extremely durable. In addition, they carry out extensive testing, with pro gamers spending hours using them to give you complete confidence.

The distinctive design of the Omega has been created to make it fits your body perfectly. This is achieved through the use of tapered edges that make it virtually impossible to sit in an incorrect position as you play.

Their new Prime 2.0 PU leather is used in the outer layer of material. This is an enhanced version of the leather used in older models and the official Secretlab site says that it is now four times more durable than it used to be.

It is important to note that this is a highly breathable outer material that means you shouldn’t feel hot and sticky even if you play on a warm day. The metal armrests have a thick layer of PU leather and also include a concave shape that stops your elbows from getting sore or from slipping out of their resting place over time.

Even more crucial to your comfort is the cold cure foam padding that has been used in the chair’s interior. This is a cutting edge type of material that moulds itself to your shape when it cools down. This means that it adapts to your needs and your best sitting position effortlessly during the session.

Another element that makes this a great chair is the addition of a couple of memory foam pillows. There is one for your neck and one for your back, so just add them to the chair as you need. The pillow for your head is filled with special cooling gel, keeping you feeling fresh no matter how intense the action gets.

You will need to assemble the Secretlab Omega gaming chair 2020 model at home once it arrives in its box. The manufacturer says that this should take around 20 minutes to do, although some users state that it took them longer. No special skills or experience is needed to do this. 

Features of the Omega Gaming Chair

A wealth of features help you to adjust this gaming chair to your exact needs. Among them is the fact that it has armrests that can be fully adjusted. These are 4D armrests, meaning that you can move them in just a few different ways and lock them into place. This is a recommended way of keeping your arms and wrists well-aligned on different games and activities.

Being able to recline back fully is a must for any serious gamer. The Secretlab Omega can go back over 160 degrees, meaning that you can stretch out fully in an almost horizontal position whenever you need a break. Watch some videos or close your eyes in style in this relaxing position.

There is also a multi-tilt mechanism that lets you lock the chair into place at exactly the angle that you need. It is completely safe and very easy to use too.

The class 4 hydraulics in place mean that you can sit safely and without any fear. 4 heavy duty KGS gas pistons and 5 XL PU caster wheels have been included. These are class-leading objects that have been fully tested and certified.

You get a maximum 5-year warranty when you purchase the Omega gaming chair. This consists of an initial 3-year period that is extended to 5 if you share a photo your new chair online and then give the link to Secretlab.


  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions

  • A good size for the average gamer
  • A long warranty

  • High quality materials used in the construction


  • More expensive than many rivals

FAQ section about the omega gaming chair 

Is this chair easy to move around?

Yes, the use of a solid base and quality casters makes this a breeze.

Are there different colour and design options?

You will see 5 colour options and some special edition designs on the Secretlab site.

Is it easy to adjust?

Adjusting the chair to your needs is very simple to do and will make up a perfect gaming room

Comparing the Chair to Other Models

The Secretlab Omega 2020 model is probably the right size for a majority of gamers. Yet, for some it might be a little too big or too small.

In this case, you can take a look at the Secretlab Throne and Secretlab Titan reviews. These chairs have been created to fit gamers of different sizes.

Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Conclusion

You are virtually guaranteed to sit more comfortably in this chair during your gaming sessions. As one of the most ergonomic models on the market, it is sure to help you to stay healthier and feeling fresh no matter how long you play for.

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