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How To Give A Room A Fresh New Look Without Breaking The Bank

How To Give A Room A Fresh New Look Without Breaking The Bank


“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” (Shakespeare)

Who is your “summer” apart from your loved ones? You Sweet home, right?.

Who does not love their sweet home? Our room is the abode of comfort for all of us.

It would be a great idea to give a new look to your room. But the pockets aren’t that friendly. So, abort the plan? No need to do it.

There are some great ideas that you could use to give a fresh touch to your room. Well…new fitted curtains and blinds would be a great idea to begin with.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few interesting ideas that you can use to decorate your house and give a completely new touch to it.

Fresh Ideas For Room Decoration, That Are Soft On Your Bank

The pandemic really struck us in our rooms. We were all engaged in work from home. The struggles, hardships, frustrations, and darkness became your regular partner. The ghost of negativity might have haunted you at times.

Great revolutions start with baby steps. what’s your thoughts on it?

Let’s bring in some smart home decor ideas to give your room an entirely fresh look and feel. Here are some of the smart ideas you can take to help make it happen.

1. An Inspiration Piece

The table lamp (placed in the corner of your room), you brought it three years back. Yes, replace it with a Ferndale Table lamp this time.

These are aesthetically appealing and go well with the look and feel of your room.

Before buying this, consider the color. This is important. And make it a little lighter this time.

You know, some Orient Style coupled with western forms and geometric designs. Look for this compilation in your piece. Fit your mirror to it and feel the difference.

2. New Set Of Pillows And Bed Sheets

We know that you change it every three to four days. But don’t you think that has turned out to be a bit like striking your eyes without comfort?

So it’s time to replace them for good. All of them that you interchange within the week. New ones with new color schemes.

3. Entrance Must Be Your New Interest

You can follow this mantra this summer. It will be great!. Remove whatever is old there.

Some artifacts, the miniature ones, are smart. You could add some elements like hangings. Give a brush of completely new color and feel the magic.

Believe us; it will not be that hard on your pockets. Some minor changes and simple ones.

4. Create A Gallery Wall

Select one part of your room that is unused. Replace all that is existent. Paintbrush the wall section with deep color.

Consult some junior artists, and arrange some paintings with colors that contrast the wall. One word, a ripper!

5. New Lighting

Poor lighting disrupts the look and feels of a house. Naturally, this brings boredom, especially when you constantly stay in your room during the pandemic.

You could look at your lighting arrangements. Why not bring smart lighting to your home this time?

Some interesting light stands like the hanging one will be great. Smart lighting arrangements give a good look to your home. Moreover, they are smart in your pockets too!

6. New Paint Color

The color of your room might have been great three years back, but they are no longer that bright.

Your eyes become accustomed to the room. So this might bring in an element of melancholy. So what to do now?

Change it to paint it. People are following some combination colors now. For example, slate and yellow ochre. Another great color that’s firing in the market is Antique White USA.

There are innumerable things that your imaginations permit you. This is one idea to completely transform your room. Believe us; they are not bank breakers!

7. Newest Chairs And Tables

Change your chairs and tables. This has become quite old. Replace them with new ones. There is interesting furniture available in the market.

They become great assets. Finish designs are going great in the market. Simplistic and minimalistic in look, feel and design and they are not that hard in your pockets.

8. A touch of Green: Green Corner

Lush green, who doesn’t like it? It’s ever fresh and soothing to your eyes. They are like The Wild Swans of Coole Park (William Butler Yeats), unchanged by the binding sickle of time. Select one small corner of your room.

Paint it with the lightest of green, you know. Bring some plants with planters. A planter stand, yes, you can add it this time. Change in this way and feel the difference.

9. Smart Furniture

Depleting space has dragged all of us towards smart furniture. They save space and bring in the style content in your room.

However, stuffing with too much furniture doesn’t make your room as smart. Minimalism and arrangement create a scene and run parallel with today’s world of depleting space. The smart arrangement needs all your thoughts and arrangements.

10. Kids Corner

The kid’s corner is a great idea for your extremely calm and quiet kids (ironically). They are always Jumping from your couch, bumping against the floor! A kid’s corner can make your frisking fish sit and enjoy with their toys.

The best thing about this is that they are always within your radar of vision. Smart idea for your child and smart on your pockets. Two benefits from one step. What more do you need?


This is a hard fact to gobble that a renovation of a room is turning out to be a costly affair. But you need to understand the need of the hour and act accordingly.

If you don’t make the changes now, you might have to spend more bucks, thanks to Uncle Inflation, which comes with a red face all the time.

Their ideas discussed above are quite smart and appealing and, importantly… soft on your bank.

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