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New locations to try if you’re tired of working at home

The pandemic has driven huge shifts in work habits. After large portions of society worked from home in the early months of the outbreak, many have stayed put in favour of greater freedom and free time. Long-term home working can take its toll, however, with common problems including a lack of social connection, physical injury and disturbed sleep.

Many home workers also report general feelings of exhaustion. Despite eliminating the commute, it’s common to experience a lack of drive and stimulation when existing in a single environment. But there are ways to break the monotony that don’t involve returning to a traditional office.

Here are five new locations to try if you’re growing tired of working from home.

Coffee shop

Do you have a favourite coffee shop you can nip to for a change of scenery? It could be a great place to spend a morning, afternoon or both. Just make sure you buy more than a single coffee so the owners don’t think you’re freeloading!

If you plan to use their public Wi-Fi, you’d be wise to download a VPN for extra protection from hackers (https://nordvpn.com/download/).


When was the last time you visited your local library? Often found in grand old buildings, libraries are the perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet. Most don’t require you to become a member either.

The only potential risk here is loud talkers, but if there’s any place they’re likely to get moved on quickly, it’s a library!

Co-working space

Co-working spaces offer the best of office life without the proximity of colleagues or clients. As well as having access to high-speed internet, comfy chairs and desks, you could find new people to chat to who live and work in a similar situation.

You’ll likely need to pay for membership or day rates. However, the cost of doing so for one or two days a week could be worth it for your increased productivity and improved mood.


It’s widely recognised that nature has the potential to improve our mental and physical health. Being outside can alleviate problems such as anxiety, depression and tiredness, so give it a try if you have the opportunity to work outdoors.

Ideally, you’ll have a garden within range of your home Wi-Fi. If not, you could tether to your smartphone or prioritise tasks that don’t require an internet connection.


The ‘workation’ boomed in 2020 as many people realised they could perform their jobs from almost anywhere. This trend involves booking a trip for days or weeks at a time to work remotely during the day and relax in a new location in the evening.

If a flight abroad seems too drastic, scout around for rental accommodation in a nearby beauty spot or coastal town. Many accommodation providers offer discounts for extended stays.


Could any of these locations break up your working routine and help you rediscover your motivation?