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Kitchen renovation checklist

Suppose you’re new to the construction industry and you are in the business of renovating kitchens, fitting appliances, and electrical wiring. In that case, you’ll probably benefit from using a small but memorable checklist. Some tradespeople specialize in one area, such as fitting and retrofitting or being an electrician, while some may be multi-skilled. Either way, it’s always a good idea to ensure you carry out your work in the best way possible.

Checklist a kitchen renovation

To get started, you will want to divide your project into a checklist of manageable goals.

Before you draw up this checklist, determine whether you will totally gut the place or just replace certain aspects of it. Then, list out everything you need to replace.

A checklist will improve clarity as you’ll have the tasks sorted by priority. It also increases productivity, as once you pick a new task, you’ll need to complete it before marking it off and proceeding to the next task. 

Set aside a realistic budget

Make a list of the new kitchen equipment you need, including any new countertops and appliances. If you are working with a tight budget, you might have to go the DIY route. This way, you’ll be able to save on expenses that might accumulate over time. In addition, you might gain skills that’ll pay off in the end with other projects. 

You can set a realistic budget by estimating renovation costs even with a tight budget. Once you come up with the estimated cost, you’ll know whether it fits your budget and whether you want to move forward. Alternatively, you can find other solutions if your initial plans cannot fit your budget. 

Don’t forget the less obvious things, ensuring your research and note down the approximate cost of items such as new plasterboards for your walls, ceilings, and new partitions. Rated People suggest that the budget for a new kitchen can typically span anything between £5000-£15,000.

Various considerations go into deciding what budget you will need for your project. For example, are you going for worktops made of granite, quartz, or solid wood?

They also suggest setting aside at least £500 per new appliance, as having a good-quality dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, and oven will all add longevity to your new kitchen.

The type of flooring you go for will also be a factor to consider, be it laminate, tiling, or vinyl. Look at the design you have in your home before choosing the right flooring. The aesthetic should match the theme you are going for. Keep in mind that your flooring will have a great impact on the way you get to enjoy your kitchen space. 

In addition to the design, you’ll also need to make a choice based on your lifestyle. If you are looking for an option that’s easy to maintain, go for designs that are intended for easy cleaning. Considering your kitchen will have high traffic, your flooring should be able to handle extra scuffing.

The right flooring will also affect the value of your home as they tend to be more inviting. And the more inviting your home is, the more attractive to buyers. Rated People also suggest that LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is the most durable type of kitchen flooring you could choose. LVT looks like real wood or stone but comprises various layers and is flexible and thin.

Finally, consider the costs of any labor you need, including installation and skip hire.

Ask for help when you need it

In the interests of safety, you must outsource work to qualified electricians and plumbers if you are not qualified to do it yourself, as mentioned above.

Make a list of the professionals you need to call, including plumbers and electricians, and note them down alongside the specific jobs you require them to carry out; eventually, you may even form a network whereby you can all call on one another for extra work.

To help you out with this, research in advance the potential services you may need to hire someone to do, along with approximate costs, and see which ones apply to you.

Ultimately, you will probably need to hire a surveyor to come and help with the initial planning stage, as they are best qualified to advise on your preparatory work, take measurements, and give a precise quote.

Doing your research first will give you the advantage of knowing what you’re talking about, what to expect, and the full availability of products and materials on the market.

Starting with a strong checklist and drawing up a reasonable budget makes your work feel obtainable and gives you the visualization you need to make a strong start.


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