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White Horse – ways to find your white horse, history and relevance of the ‘white horse’

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to finding the quickest way to your White Horse.


the interest in White Horse?

Horse’ is one of the most popular horse related key-phrases used on the
net. The Overture Database recorded 15,261 enquiries in December in the
English speaking world alone. Why?. What’s so special about White Horse?

answer is that the White Horse has a totally different significance or
importance to different members of the human race. All the different
interests combined add up to a formidable total. And, yet there is one
common theme running through every interest: religion, or more precisely
spirituality, an obsession with the enduring truths of our very existence,
our significance as human-beings and the iconography that accompanies

principal interests in White Horse are as follows:-

  • The White Horse was a religious symbol to the Celts and to the
    Romans. There is enormous fascination in the Druids, Stonehenge, the
    Celtic religion, and the origin of the Chalk Downland sculptures in
    Britain and elsewhere. Epona and her White Horse has acquired cult status
    today among those seeking after the eternal verities. Jewellers create
    Epona charms and necklaces
  • .

  • Jesus rode on a White Horse, the scriptures refer to a White Horse
    in the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and it was a White Horse our Saint
    George rode in the Crusades. The White Horse acquired a huge iconic
    significance to Christians. The Crusaders rode White Horses whenever
    possible, and legend has it of they amassed armies with white flags and
    white horses. Martin Luther’s admirers met at the White Horse Inn at
    Cambridge at the beginning of the Reformation, the iconography crossing
    the Atlantic with the Pilgrim Fathers and embedding itself within the US.

  • White Horses became symbols of power. Conquerors and army generals
    adopted White Horses as their mounts.

  • Breeding White Horses for War Horses became fashionable. White Horses became status symbols.


  • White  Horses were bred
    for their beauty, their symbolic value and their value as mounts.  

  • White Horses became popular subjects for famous painters, like
    Gaugin and Constable.

  • White Horses from Spain and the Camargue form the bedrock of out
    breeding stock for the white horses we enjoy owning and riding for
    pleasure today.

and Tips on finding your White Horse

Internet is a marvellous resource but you can waste a lot of time on
fruitless searches. If you are interested in White Horse as a name then
put it in inverted commas like this “White Horse” and add any other
keyword you wish e.g. “White Horse” pub signs , “White Horse” Inns
or “White Horse” Uffington.

you are looking for mentions of white horses in historical context it pays
to leave off the ‘commas’ e.g. White Horses in the Crusades. You get a
wider search.

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