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Animal related Hints and tips including how to stop dogs urinating on lawns, cat deterrents, etc.

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Related Tips

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As I have started getting tips involving animals I have decided
to start this page.

I was asked to find out if there was anything that would stop other
people’s dogs wetting on your lawn
and as I did not have the answer I posed the question
to all you good people.  Here are the replies I have received:-


There is a product called “Bitters apples” which can be
purchased at pet stores.  If you cannot find this product a squirt
gun filled with
water does the trick – if you have the time and energy to sit by all four windows 24 hours
a day!!!

Thank you “Shady ….”

In the U.S. there are two products available at lawn and garden shops (and
some pet stores) called “Get out of my garden” and the other
“Boundary”.  Both are applied to areas that you do not want animals to get
into.  They both have to be reapplied after rain to maintain effect.

Thanks to “sacc…”]

“Get out of my garden” has also been
recommended by
Heather Frey who
goes on to say it looks like a blue gel but when sprinkled around the perimeter of the
yard other dogs stay away.  It lasts a long time and doesn’t seem to harm the grass
or other animals.

There is a product on the market called
Pet Beverage that is ingested
by animals by putting it in their water to reduce or eliminate odours from urine and feaces .

Also Millennium Lawns has a product called “Dog-on-it” that
helps restore the condition of the lawns that have burns from urine and
“Keep Away” is another product used to keep pets off any surface.  

Scat at and Scarecrow are effective in keeping animals out of areas where
you don’t want them and these products are completely safe.

You may not be able to stop them from going on the lawn or inappropriate
areas, but you can take care of it if they do.  For stains and odours we recommend
Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover which used a live enzyme to neutralize the odors
and it does not stain the surrounding area.

These products have been recommended by Jayne
Laughlin of PetTalk America. I would like to stress I have no allegiance
with these companies.


Spray diluted mixture of ammonia and water (1 part ammonia to 2 parts water) around the
perimeter of your lawn.  They usually won’t cross the smelly barrier.

(not so pleasant sitting in your garden maybe!!)

Thanks to “Amy…..” for this tip.

scred dog

Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water add a large minced onion and minced garlic clove,
some Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper.  Let it sit overnight and get a glass and pour
over yard.  Trust me they will stay away.  This is also good for dogs that dig.

(So will your friends probably!!)

Amber sent in this idea –

Scatter lime over lawn.                                                                     
Thanks Nancy for this gem.

Use chilli powder around the spot you want to protect.   
Thanks “Maidenwolf ..”

Joe Tangonan
says if you put large, sealed glass jars
filled with water all over the lawn the dogs take one whiff of the jar and decide to do
their business elsewhere.

Alan Jameson told me if you put two milk bottles or glass
jars at either end of the lawn this also works. 

I must admit I went back to him when this message arrived as I thought he was winding
me up – Sorry Alan.

I have been told it may be something to do with the animals seeing their own distorted
reflections which does the trick.

If your dog urinates on your lawn causing brown
patches, I have been advised by Judy from Pennsylvania that a vet told her
to add 2 tablespoons of tomato juice to the dogs drinking bowl each day and apparently it
Thank you Judy.

In response to this tip I have received a message
from a Lou stating that tomato juice in the water is for neutered and spayed dogs and
cats.  The acid keeps calcium and minerals from blocking the urinary system,
therefore saves money and time at the vet from having to have your pet cathetered due to
cystitis.  She uses is on here pets as the water in South Florida is alkaline and
full of minerals.  She very helpfully goes on to give the recipe – DOGS one
tablespoon of tomato juice twice a week CATS – one teaspoon a week. 

I have now received another
response on this subject:-

Re: putting tomato juice or any other acid in a
pet’s water….a vet should ALWAYS be asked first, as there are many
health conditions that this can exacerbate and can be fatal. The additional
salt in some juices can prove fatal to a dog with kidney or heart

One way to avoid brown spots in a lawn is just to
frequently and heavily water any area that the dog uses most. this causes
the urine to have more of a fertilizer effect than damaging.

Now for the extreme measure –

The male of the house can go around the borders of the lawn “marking” his
territory.  I am assured this does work but best carried out at night for fear of
embarrassing the neighbours or being arrested.

Thanks for this novel one Phil Miller



scared cat

Suggestion for cat repellent that is
successful for me.

The back garden (pond and feeding
birds) is served by the sonic device with the odd deposit being left but
not repeated, but I’m referring to my smaller front area. The two cats
from next door do love to hide beneath the concealing branches of my
weeping birch (some 7 foot tall) presumably to attempt to catch birds that
dare land above them. During moments of boredom they creep out from under
and dump on my lawn. Presumably
as they are having a whale of a time this also serves as a “keep
off” marker. Once cleared up, vinegar becomes my marker, sprayed over
the same spot. Keep the spray tight as it will kill the grass. You may
also save on weed killer – I’ve yet to try it.

Terry Parker

Having received the above tip
from Terry I was reminded of the following –

If you suffer with cat that
damages your furniture or a dog that chews you favourite slippers a simple
solution is to put half a cup of vinegar and one cup of water into a spray
bottle, shake well.  When the animal offends a quick spurt will deter
it.  The spray is harmless to the animal.  A little of the
vinegar solution keeps the animals away.

I have received the following useful information from Helen

“When renewing your pets medication make certain that your pets weight is current.
  I just got a renewal of my dog’s medicine and found out that she lost 10 lbs. from
the original prescription date (a year and a half ago).  The medicine dosage has been
reduced from 75 milligrams down to 50 milligrams, also the purchase price went down.

The medicine had been renewed previously but the vet never suggested, and I never
thought, to have my dog’s weight checked.

I had my dog’s weight checked now because she was breather heavily (panting a lot),
thirsty all the time, drinking a lot of water and, of course, going out more often. “

So folks, be on the safe side, check that scale.

For the sake of your animal and your purse !
Thanks for this Helen.

If you have rodents in the house and need to find out where they are coming from, put
some flour on the floor in front of place where you have seen evidence of their presence
and in the morning you should find footprints indicating from which direction they came.

If you get ants inside your house try spraying insecticide outside around the window
and door frame.

To prevent lizards staining
walls, twice a month, rub lemon juice and garlic on the walls – lizards
will not be coming back for more.


If you are troubled with slugs, cut large holes in the side of a yoghurt pot (or
similar container), place pot in soil about an 1″ deep, put some beer into the
container.  The slugs will go through the holes in the sides into the beer.

If you are pestered by a wasp don’t thrash your arms about as this will
make it emit a chemical which will attract other wasps.  Stay as
still as you can and it will go away.

To attract wasps away from your picnic put a some sweet liquid (Lemonade etc) or jam
into a container together with a little washing up liquid.  The wasps will be drawn
to this and will be unable to escape.

Should you find you have a bees nest in your chimney, light a small fire in the grate
will be evict them safely and harmlessly.

To avoid bed mites multiplying, pull bedclothes back when you get up and leave bed
open.  The mites are not so keen on a cool bed, they thrive on the the warmth which
is retained when the bed is made straight away.  The best reason I know for not
making your bed!