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The use of Herbs for Horses

Veterinary Advice by Stephen Ashdown


Stress and worry are some of the main causes of ill health and poor performance in horses. Incorrect feeding and environmental conditions or even toxins can be the main causes. Some horses will become obviously agitated even aggressive. Others will behave badly whilst some will under perform or become weak and unhealthy.


Once management issues have been dealt with consider using herbal calmers for your stressed horse.


The way that your horse makes use of the food that you give it lies at the heart of performance, health and fitness. A healthy liver and normal digestive system impart vitality and energy to other parts of the body and enable the body get rid of toxins and undesirable chemicals that often lead to ill health, lethargy and poor performance. Other herbal products can do their work much  better when the digestive system is working normally.


Use RESTORE to prepare your horse for any herbal health regime or routinely supplement with RESTORE throughout the year.


Breathing concerns are becoming more of a challenge each year, perhaps due to increasing levels of pollutants and pollen in the environment.

Respiratory products are particularly useful. Clear airways are essential for quality of life and best performance. The atmosphere and general environment of the modern world now results in many breathing concerns which were much less common in past generations. Pollution from traffic and cultivation of crops like Rape make life very difficult for a lot of us.


Try AirwayPlus and Zephyr products and see the difference in your horse.


Herbal skin preparations are invaluable in all manner of conditions. The condition of the skin and coat reflects the way the body is working within so make sure your horse’s digestive system and liver are also functioning normally and consider the regular use of products such as Restore.


Use internal herbal products as supplements for lumps, itchy skin and bacterial infection from wet, muddy conditions; external products for minor wounds, scratches, abrasions and bites.


Herbs are invaluable for horses with movement difficulties.


How to keep your horse supple and comfortable.

Joint products are designed to provide nutritional assistance to help the body repair itself and soothe discomfort. Whenever your horse walks or gallops it puts strain on its joints. This strain causes damage every day but when it is healthy the body is able to repair itself quickly. Joint problems occur when the body’s ability to repair itself is weakened and daily damage occurs faster than the repair processes. Getting your horse back into balance with herbs and minerals is essential both in the short and long term. You will be surprised what is possible and how quickly you notice the difference.

Tips: Have a  basic strategy for all horses as follows:

1.     Supply the best source of food with high levels of minerals and vitamins.

2.     Use herbs to support strong bone in all ages of horse.

3.     Provide herbs to support synovial fluids which feed the inside of joints that may be not quite right.

4.     Use soothing herbs which calm joints down and support natural circulation when all is not going well. Herbal rubs can also help a lot.

Consider using a liver tonic to help detoxify the body. Use as a one off or regularly every few months. 

For more details on herbal products mentioned above use the
Veterinary Advice Horse Supplements  Menu 

Above information is supplied by Stephen Ashdown’s Veterinary Advice. Use the helpline if you need free veterinary advice for your horse or if you are not sure what herbal products to use.




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