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How To Have An Electric Boiler Installed In Your Rented Home

While gas is a traditional fuel source for most central heating systems, it’s becoming less popular because of its environmental impact.

In fact, the UK government is aiming to stop the installation of new gas boilers in the next few years. With gas boilers being slowly phased out, many individuals are seeking alternative fuel sources.

One of the most common is electric boilers, which provide the same exceptional heating and hot water capabilities but are fuelled by mains electricity rather than gas.

If you want a new boiler for your home, then you should consider an electric boiler. However, if you live in a rented property and it’s time for the boiler to be replaced, then you might not feel that you have a choice over what fuel source it uses.

That’s because living in a rented home means that you have less control over the appliances that are installed in it. After all, you don’t own the property.

However, there are some ways that you can push your landlord towards an electric boiler, which we explore in this article.

Communicate With The Landlord

The first step towards having the boiler upgraded in your rented home is to communicate with your landlord. Let them know that the boiler needs replacing, and discuss the options with them. Highlight the many benefits of an electric boiler, including the fact that they can save you money and energy, as well as the fact that they are safer as there’s no chance of a gas leak. By talking to your landlord, you can impress upon them the importance of having a quality boiler and explore the options that you have together.

Get Them To Have Your Property’s Electrics Reviewed First

As your new electric boiler will use mains electricity, it’s a wise idea to have your home’s electrics checked by reputable electricians first. They can check your property’s wiring and large appliances and make sure that they are working effectively before you add another factor into the mix with a new electric boiler. As your property is rented, and your landlord is adding the electric boiler for you, make sure they work with trusted trade electrical specialists such as Trade Facilities Services. They can check that your rented home is safe and conduct PAT testing to ensure that your appliances function correctly.

Explore Makes And Models With Your Landlord

Once you’ve convinced your landlord that electric boilers are the way forward, you can start showing them all of the options available. As a long-term tenant who is committed to making their rental home a safe and comfortable space, you can provide valuable insight to your landlord. Check out the best electric boilers currently on the market and then create a shortlist. You can then present this to your landlord and help them to narrow down your search.

When renting a property, it’s easy to think that the boiler isn’t your concern. However, as you’ll be using it for many years to come, it’s a vital part of your rented home. If you want to play a part in choosing this vital appliance, then try following the above tips.