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Home Projects: The Rise of the Garden Pub

A new outdoor concept has been sweeping the web these days. This garden pub or bar offers a different take on how you can transform your garden into an entertainment area. A garden pub can be your go-to space for relaxation after a hard day’s work or a good time with your friends. A creative outdoor bar can be a standalone feature or a part of your kitchen. Depending on your style and budget, it can be as simple or as fancy as you wish. Whichever you prefer, find some helpful tips and inspiration here.

Get creative

Space is not an issue if you want a garden pub. You can add planks to a pallet to create shelves for bottles with ample space on top for pouring. You can also try a Murphy bar or a wooden box attached to a wall with a folding front panel to work as a small countertop or shelf. It is simple to build from a pallet, for you only need a board as a panel and ropes or chains to hold the panel upright. The pallet is deep enough to store your bottles and glasses inside.

Go for a bespoke style

Of course, if your budget allows, you can always go for a streamlined look for your garden pub and have it built for your needs. You can add a bit of sophistication by picking a sleek, modern design. A tiki bar is also an excellent idea for that tropical vibe. If you’re more on the rustic style, cabins are perfect, and you can always DIY using log lap cladding for a weather-proof option. There are reputable timber providers such as www.greenbarntimbers.co.uk you can rely on for durable materials.

Consider freestanding

A freestanding garden pub can be a more practical option as it does not have to cost a fortune. Since it is not built-in, you can move it to different areas or bring it with you when you move. A freestanding cart is also an excellent solution for sudden entertaining in small gardens or balconies.

Repurpose and upcycle

You can always repurpose your home furniture for a creative, practical solution. For example, give life to an old chest drawer to store glasses, straws and other accessories. A potting bench can also provide plenty of storage.

Transform your shed

Why not convert it into a backyard bar if you already have a shed? You can find numerous DIY tutorials online so you can do it yourself, or you can add your personal touch by adding accents. Paint can significantly impact the outcome at a low cost so consider painting it first.


Creativity and DIY ideas can make a low-cost garden pub. If you have the budget and space, then, by all means, check out a more luxurious design option. Regardless of your choice, your bar needs lighting and shelving. It would be up to you to go for a small or casual trolley or a fully functional space complete with a worktop and sink. The possibilities are endless.