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A List Of Patio Options To Style Up Your House

Do you love having outdoor dinner parties or soaking up the sun in your backyard? If you have an outdoor patio, you want to make the most of it by transforming it into an inviting patio where you can host events, relax, and escape from it all.

Below we are going to look at some patio design ideas to inspire you to create a modern patio where you can enjoy warm weather and dining al fresco at night.

Perhaps your outdoor area only needs some lounge chairs to turn it into a cosy patio, or maybe you need a splash of colour with some potted plants and colourful pillows.

Do you want to learn more about different patio options? Read on to be inspired and transform your outdoor seating area into a gorgeous patio where you will want to spend all your time.

Play with lighting

Outdoor lighting can add atmosphere to the patio during the night. Lighting can be very simple and affordable and can complement other patio ideas. Tasteful lighting around a fire pit, or downlighting against an exterior wall can change the vibe of outdoor spaces completely.

Solar-powered lights are entertaining essentials as they will light up your patio without increasing your energy bill.

Build a fire feature

If you enjoy DIY projects, then you can attempt to build a fire feature, such as a barbeque area or a fire pit.

Fire features can be used during the day to prepare food, or at night to add a warm glow and some heat to your patio setting. Fire will draw the whole family and turn your patio into a cosy space where people will want to spend time.

Focus on Flowers

To prevent your patio from looking like a stale outdoor room, place flower pots around the exterior of the patio, as well as on tables as a focal point. Hanging planters can be used to decorate any shade structures like a gazebo or umbrella.

You can either incorporate flowers and plants into your patio designs, or you can decorate the space with cut flowers.

Get some cover

By adding a cover to your cosy space, it will feel like a separate room, and you can use the patio to escape the sun or the rain if you are able to find a waterproof covering.

You can add a permanent pergola to provide some cover or invest in a temporary sunshade that you can put up and remove as you see fit. There are plenty of fabrics available that will be a stylish addition to any patio.

Use multi-purpose furniture

There is a wide selection of outdoor furniture available, and a lot of stylish accessories for the patio have more than one function. Outdoor storage can provide extra seating, while a barbeque cart can also be used as a drinks cart.

Play with pillows

Outdoor chairs can be fairly bland and will benefit from the addition of beautiful outdoor pillows that can withstand the sun beating down on them.

Pillows are an inexpensive way to update your patio furniture and breathe new life into your outdoor space. Keep an eye out for pillows made of canvas fabric as they will last longer and withstand different weather conditions.

Invest in quality furniture

Furniture on an outdoor patio will have to withstand the local climate and some harsh weather conditions – such as the boiling sun, wind and rainstorms.

When purchasing furniture, consider the outside conditions, and choose something that is sturdy and versatile. If you live in an area with a harsh climate, you will do well to invest in sturdier furniture.

Roll out the carpet

Having a carpet outside might seem like a rug, but a tasteful outdoor rug placed under your outside dining table will revitalise a tired-looking patio instantly.

Outdoor rugs can be used to delineate your outside seating area from the dining area and can cover a worn patio surface.

Final Thoughts

Summertime allows you the opportunity to enjoy your backyard – fresh air, sunshine, garden parties and dining under the stars.

Having an outdoor patio makes it even more inviting to be outside, but only if your patio is an inviting space. You can easily upgrade your patio by incorporating the patio ideas listed above.

Simple changes, like adding chair cushions, lights or plants to your patio can completely change the space and make it a lot more inviting. Your patio can be made stylish at a very low cost, as long as you put some thought into the changes you make.