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White Winter Inspired Home Decor

Whether you think we are going to have a white winter or not. It’s the time of year when the cold weather and the festive season brings out new furnishings that transform the home into a festive one. They bring comfort and create a luxurious cosy sanctuary that’s hard to leave when it’s time to go to work in the morning.

From beautiful homemade garlands to faux fur rugs – ’tis the season to bring out your luxuriously cosy side and bed down for a white winter.

Warm Glows

There’s something so soothing and enticing about the warm glow of a living room or bedroom beaming from under the lampshade. If anything – lighting contributes just as much to that luxuriously cosy feeling as the actual features do.

Lampshades are luxurious within themselves, with some contemporary designs combining classic designs with modern touches to encase the lightbulb that emits a warm glow. You can look at luxury lampshades at https://www.pennymorrison.com/collections/lampshades. A blue and white lampshade would be perfect for bringing a pop of colour to contrast your white winter theme.

Warm glows don’t have to come from lamps alone – candles play a big role in that cosy feeling we all crave at this time of year. Strategically placing groups of candles around a bedroom, bathroom, or living room creates pockets of soothing light you won’t want to move away from. For a luxurious touch, look for a showstopper metal tray to put your candles on.

Luxuriously Cosy Furnishings

Put yourself in the middle of your living room – the first place you’d go to is your sofa. It’s where we spend most of our evenings eating mince pies, drinking mulled wine, and maybe indulging in a cheese board or two. What better way to indulge than sitting on a classic velvet leather sofa. They’re comfy, cosy, and have always been a classically luxurious statement piece in any living room.

A perfect compliment to a classic velvet leather sofa is a statement glass coffee table. Glass has always been a go-to for luxury, and a glass coffee table creates the perfect centrepiece for any living room. The transparent table makes the perfect setting for a white winter themed potpourri bowl to sit on top of it or a Christmas garland to line it.

Festive Must-Haves

One of the top festive must-haves is a wreath for your front door. Not only is it traditional, but a wreath against a bold white or black door looks classy. Thinking more luxurious, you can find examples of gold plated wreaths selling for thousands online – it depends on how luxurious you want to go.

Another festive must-have is a classy Christmas tree – multi-coloured lights are a thing of the past, warm white lights are in. There’s something so luxurious about an elegantly designed tree with perfectly wrapped presents underneath. It becomes a temporary centrepiece to any living room that every home needs.

Some people consider this to be the best time of the year. It’s a time to dust off old furnishings and decorations and get in the festive spirit. The cosy nights bring a sense of comfort and almost luxury – if you love cuddling up underneath the duvet with a candle flickering, you’ll know what we mean.